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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by creddly, Dec 20, 2006.

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  1. well maybe - speaking personally I was only too glad to escape from my home town - its now a hotbet of BNP activity and 30 years ago when I made my first break for freedom it was the sort of place where you couldn't walk down the street wearing red trousers without being looked up and down. The only thing it has going for it is the countryside which I do miss. :?
  2. lol Not a Nick Griffin fan then?

    It's frightening that the BNP are gaining more and more votes every year and more seats, etc! I don't really know a lot about Politics but that's a bad thing! If they ever win - We'll ALL be Army, Navy and Air Force men because they'll be bringing in National Service!

    To the vid though - I think the point is not that he's opened a grocery store - but he's had the courage to follow his heart and hinder the progress of achieving his goals for the greater good and to help other people. And he's only 17.
  3. I hope you all realise that Aunty Betty doesn't put sound cards and Flash Player in her computers. As a consequence, I won't have a clue what this is about until I get home.

    I suspect that the Lib/Dems and fellow travellers have realised the flaw in their proportional representation hobbyhorse. With PR, the BNP would be in Parliament. We would then see the other face of democracy, as the French and Austrians did a few years back.
  4. It doesn't happen now?
  5. It depends a lot on what form of PR you choose, and I suspect that they would fail to gain any seats in a multi member constituency with a single transferable vote system. Such systems do ensure that the number of MPs a party gets is closer to the percentage of the popular vot the party obtains, yet leaves the choice of which candidate is chosen up to the elctorate. List systems do give more exposure to eeven smaller parties and only allow the electorate to choose the party and not the candidate, which is the fault with the additional memeber system in Scotland as it allows the parties to get unelectable cadidates elkected.
  6. The danger is that the BNP will gain more votes because they say what the people want to hear, this Government and the opposition parties DO NOT listen to the people that voted for them, they carry out policies that people do not want, Strange how Hitler got into power.
  7. Isn't that how NuLabor got into power, saying what people wanted to hear?
  8. and remaining/kept in power by doing the opposite!'ve got to hand it to them a spin job well done!

    What a fickle bunch the voting public are we have no one else to blame but ourselves...!!
  9. What makes me chuckle is that after every election when the turn-out is low you always hear the cry for compulsary voting. We haven't got enough spaces in prison to put away all the non-voters. Mind you, I'm surprised Gordon Brown hasn't thought of fining those that don't turn out. It would be another way for him to raise revenue to pay for minister's over-inflated salary and pension increases.
  10. Speaking of prisoners have the right to vote I seem to remember some legal argument in the past....Putting non voters in prison would do nothing more than bolster this safe labour section of the community...lets face it prisoners get treated far better by Labour than you and I average Joe on the street!
  11. Bloody hell!

    You're supposed to be commenting on that video - Not having a political debate! lol

    Hijackers!!! :evil:
  12. I have to wait until 1800Z to see the bloody video!
  13. Can someone just tell us what the vid's about?
  14. Terribly sorry creddly!!

    Did watch the video though..three things spring to mind.!!

    1) He obviously needs to do the pallet truck/baggage trolley course at the loggie school in Raleigh if such a thing exists....!!
    2) Imagine that in the UK...wearing a hoody...especially at work how outrageous! even if you are the boss!
    3) People in the community coming into your shop to help you run your shop for free rather than emptying your shelves for free...!! to be a wind up...perhaps they are all unwittingly participating in some sort of military experiment..being subjected to some sort of neuro agents.!!
  15. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Creddly wrote

    My lips didn't move!

    For those on, the video is about a teenager with a bit of energy, CDF and manners. A rare breed and this one isn't local. Probably won't get any girls until he's made his fortune, which probably won't be long.
  16. Well said seadog!

    Although I do wonder - what's 'CDF'?

    Never heard of that abbreviation!
  17. Common Dog F**k Creddy
  18. Lol and what is 'Common dog f**k' supposed to mean?

    Sorry, I'm having a bit of a 'unstreet-wise' moment! lol
  19. Common Sense Creddy, you`ve been talking to Pooley too much!

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