The Inbetweeners

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by X.R.D, Jul 15, 2009.

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  1. Fair one, i'm the only one in a good mood, wankers.

    The Inbetweeners by the way is v.good.
  2. Ahh the joys of going to an all boys school!!! :cry:

    Fcuking love it.
  4. Fantastic show.

    "If you want to discuss this further, I suggest you join the school debating society. Obviously you'll have to start one first..."

  5. Roger that, I just watch this and The Wire. Everything else is lame as fcuk.
  6. Absolute genius especially when Simon pukes on Carly's brother.

  7. Without doubt one of the funnist things I've seen for a long time!! CLASSIC
  8. Thorpe park.............main roller coaster, queueing for front seats which are then taken by spakkas.

    Oh how i roared!!! :lol:
  9. Isnt the lead played by a young Ron-Jeremy?
  10. Right im going to have to watch this.
  11. Im only 29 (Well next Saturday) Im still KOOL.
  12. first time i saw this was on a BA plane on way to downbird in Oman (hard life being a wafu)

    we (oppo next to me ) kept everyone around us awake with our laughing

    miserable raghead fanatics have no sense of humour

    can i say "raghead fanatic" on setember 11 - you bet my koran burning minister i can - anybody else just watched united 93!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. FIESTY 1 YOU ARE inbetweeners funniest program ever !!!!!!
  14. I actually watched the whole lot on Youtube (seasons 1and 2), how could I off missed this ? Its fecking brilliant.
  15. I watched the first episode of series 3 this afternoon and pissed myself laughing most of the way through it.

  16. Just to let you all know. They are making a film about it.

    Lads holiday to malia...

    I cannot wait for it to come out, due to hit the screens next summer at some point :D
  17. "Its my new look"
    "What the Pat Butcher look?"

    "Yves Saint le Ponce"

    TEARS were flowing!!
  18. Brilliant stuff.

    at the risk of looking like a prat here, Jay is on Twitter under the username James_Buckley. Fairly pedestrian stuff mostly but he Jays it up from time to time.

    "he touched me here"

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