Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by IDOITDEEPER, Jan 17, 2008.

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  1. For those Guests reading this I have upset moderators of the forum and have therefore been made incognito. If you actually sign into Rum Ration you will not normally be able to see any of my posts. Some find it weird in this case as it looks like people are arguing with themselves. If you do sign in to RR and wish to see all posts including mine just hit reply on the thread and scroll through and my posts will be visible to you as well.

    Thinking about events on RR concerning myself over the last few days. I had a moment of clarity and thought to my self why not start this thread.
    It will have the advantage of giving those so inclined a place to vent their frustrations with me and thereby not deviate other threads. So fckwits I am waiting, am willing and am able. Bring it on

    Now you all have a nice day
  2. ? ????????????????
    PMSL I know how it works now :thumright:
  3. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

  4. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Egocentric bollocks... :roll:
  5. I can always rely on SPB to make the effort of peeking at what I have to say. Its like fishing really. Just dangle a little bait and I have a catch swallowing hook line and sinker.

    Have a nice day SPB and please cover your mouth when yawning it is rude not to you know.

    Yours aye
  6. Daddy Pig put you up to it hunny bunch?
  7. Oooh look heres another one they just cant resist can they! And here is me thinking I am invisible and incognito


    "daddy pig"? How about actually reading the words and not looking at just the pictures.

    Enjoy your evening old fella
  8. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Hmm, "Idiot" - it is hardly a bite is it? And as I said yesterday; you really are not that an important part of my life (or many other peoples', I imagine). Hope the view is nice up there on your planet... :roll:
  9. FFS SPB not a bite? You really can not be that stupid. So far its managed to suck two in here. Both have posted, in fact you are up to post number fcking three now. How do you two think it looks to the guests on RR? members do not see me however they do. I retract my statement you are that stupid.

    Stay calm fella and enjoy the rest of your evening
  10. Why dont you just all ignore each other it would make everyones lives more peaceful
  11. Peaceful maybe but not much fun
  12. Proud-2-b-rn, actually I do not have any choice do I? The moderators have ensured that I am ignored by everybody that is bar themselves. As you can see they can not resist gloating. I can not make peoples lives any more peaceful can I? Bearing in mind no one can see me. If it pisses you off that moderators are arguing with themselves I suggest you take it up with them!

    Have a really enjoyable evening
  13. This thread was bumped to the Gash barge. It seems you lot really do not like the truth do you?

    Im still here
  14. Looks like I was wrong then idoitdeeper, only relegated, i would consider that a result of sorts, you might want to try the Quarterdeck next, it might survive a little longer in there.
  15. Mikh

    I would have thought that Diamond Lils would have been the ideal seems not. Thank you for your advice which I will follow at the next required opportunity. Many thanks.

  16. Yippee! Oh how I do hate censorship. It's like being at school again: You are forbidden to read X, Y and Z... so of course we went out of our way to read X, Y and Z :biggrin:

    Deeps, how DO YOU DO IT?
  17. Only a suggstion, it may well be relagated just as quickly, it depends who is doing the moving.
  18. Well done! Bear in mind you are dealing with self-centred, ill-educated MODS for the most part . Full of their own piss and importance, but never been able to cope with cursive writing. Providing what you write is within the law , both civil and criminal. Carry on posting thought provoking, entertaining and pomposity pricking items
  19. IDID at least you can apologise now for blaming the MODS for making your posts "incognito" ;)
  20. Blimey!
    I ask (quite rightly) for an apology to the MODS for being blamed for his posts being invisible and he leaves the site!
    Should have done it last week :D

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