The horse and the donkey ............


A horse and a donkey were in the same pub having a dinner time sesh, and got chatting. They got on so well that when last orders was called, the horse invited the donkey back to his place for a few more wets. Whilst the horse was getting the wets in, the donkey looked around the horse's flat, and couldn't help but notice a huge array of silver cups and rosettes on display. When the horse returned with the wets, the donkey quizzed him about the trophies, and was staggered when the horse revealed that he'd won the Grand National twice, The Derby, The Oaks, The St. Ledger, and came second in the Cheltenham Gold Cup. Having arranged to meet up again in the pub the following day, the donkey left, feeling quite inadequate after hearing of the horse's success, and wondering how he could equal such feats.

The following day, the two met again in the pub, and this time, when last orders had been called, it was the donkey's turn to invite the horse back to his place. Whilst the horse waited for the donkey to return with the wets, he looked around the donkey's flat, and was mesmerised by a framed photo of a zebra hanging on the wall. When the donkey returned, the horse asked him about the photo, and the donkey replied "oh that was me when I played center forward for Newcastle!"

Boom tish!

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