The hook must pay £1m for trial

Now the questions I would like the government to answer are:

1. How is a man living on benefits able to buy a £220,000


2. How come the government expect to recover £1m from a

man living on benefits.

I know being on benefits seems to be a licence to print money,

but this really is taking the p!ss
Maxi_77 said:
Slim it wasn't that interestint the first time bu now it is just bl**dy boring.
Maxi its the site software.
So called upgrade is a downgrade
If you hadn't put your input in I would have been able to remove it.
Typical ex officer jumping in with both feet before understanding the problem!
OK Peter no offfence taken.
Site still not working as it should, sometimes when replying it states data bank error. Hopefully the COs will get it sorted.
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