The Hogmanay Draw 2013


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Here it is folks, the second draw with prize put up the the COs and in this case it is a Kosa 3 Mk II Duvet Jacket

One jacket as the Prize and to get a chance of winning that go to Survey Monkey and enter - no brain power required! Entry Form

Competition will run from 29th December 2013 to Sunday 12 January 2014.Have a go, it's free and is a great prize.
Entered, but if I win (yea right!) I'll auction it off for Combat Stress as I'll not be needing it here in Spain.

(21 and cloudless on the terrace today!)
Correct Sumo - have a good coat hanging up there waiting. Didn't need a Kosa, as couple of weeks ago it was unseasonably mild. Plus I spend a lot of time in Braehell waiting and reading books!

Re Combat Stress - got a mate that was on COVENTRY...............

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