The Hoe Centre AKA the NAAFI, Plymouth, Devon

Discussion in 'Petitions' started by Ronnie, Jul 23, 2010.

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  1. Ladies and Gentlemen!, The Hoe Centre in Plymouth, formerly the NAAFI in Notte Street, is in the process of being demolished and a group of us are trying to halt this destruction. Love it or hate it, the NAAFI is an important part of both Service history and Plymouth life after ww2. We do have an online petition set up, and I wonder if it would be possible for you to publicise the link across your forums. I completely understand if not, but we want to put across to both Plymouth City Council and the University of Plymouth, that our Service History is very important to us, especially as the rumour mill seems to imply that we will lose Devonport Dockyard in the next few years.This is the link to our petition:

    Our group is called (at the moment!!)Save The Hoe Centre – Plymouth Architectural Utopia. We are on Facebook, please come and take a look, and support us if you feel able to.
    I do hope you are able to assist us.
    Yours Sincerely,
    Sharon Jones
  2. New info has come to light since the original application was made in 2006, but it's not looking hopeful I know. We have to try though, otherwise it's authority rolling right over the top and slapping up more student accommodation for nearly 600 students...from the University's own report..., but nothing for the people of Plymouth as usual.

  3. Would not have a clue where it is, but signed the petition anyway. Good luck :)
  4. As an ex Guzz rating, I have signed the petition with pleasure. Although altered, the Chatham NAAFI Club still exists in the form of the King Charles Hotel.
  5. I (finally) found that info yesterday. Can't seem to find any exterior shots of it though.
    If you go to our facebook page you can see an artists impression of the monstrosity they want to put in the old NAAFI's place.. This is a design that's meant to be 'sympathetic to it's surroundings and the listed building of Christ the King' across Armada Way. I'm so angry at the University of Plymouth I could spit. They may be Plymouth's largest employer now, but does that give them the right to dictate the environment we live in?.
  6. Signed. Many happy memories of the NAAFI club

    D/MX 91****
  7. We're not going to give up the fight until the last brick has gone. Plymouth has always had a history of battling for what it wants, although that seems lacking and apathetic in recent years. We're only a small group of just under 800 (at present), but that gives us a voice, and we intend to use it. Thanks in anticipation, everyone who does sign our petition. Sign up to our Facebook group, it's not just the buildings we talk about, it's the fun (or otherwise!) we've had in them!.
  8. Many Memories shame the same wasnt done for the iconic Diamond Lils & Star Bar,signed it.
  9. Fond memories....coming ashore in rig, with Pusser's grip at the short-trail, holding my latest set of civvies (suits in those days) and down to the locker room to change......and off to spread happiness and joy to any pretty maid that would co-operate....sadly, not that many. Happy days

    The building is of battleship constuction and deserves to be refurbished for further use
  10. I met my first wife there. First day ashore after a far east commision on the Eagle. Pity I wasn't fire and emergency party that night. Signed though, I wonder how many bacon sarnies I ate there. Good luck
  11. done it,hope it helps
  12. Prob not - it was demolished last year.
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  13. Hilarious!
  14. Most sad for old Guzz ratings. I had a look at the site last week-end whilst attending a Tartar re-union. Pity that it couldn't have gone the same way as the Chatham NAAFI Club.

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