The hills and general fitness questions

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by grizwald, Mar 11, 2009.

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  1. Hi all,

    I'm told i will be doing a fair bit of running around Dartmouth, up and down to the quay. Any ideas what sort of gradients these hills are and if we are timed or otherwise assessed?

    Also, for the fitness test, will we be running on a treadmill (the same as Raleigh)?

    Inquiring minds want to know!
  2. Inquiring minds need to learn to read a map, google it, gradients and contours are all there, but WTF does it matter? what is to do, is to do.
  3. Talk about being spoon fed. Sounds like you are still being breast fed. So you're off to Dartmouth (soon I presume). The training will be tough and full of variety. This includes the physical aspects. Just train hard and be as fit as you can before you get there. Why not ask the people who told you in the first place. As an officer you will be expected to adapt and cope with a whole range of changing circumstances. If your worry is about the gradient of hills around BRNC, then there isn't much hope.
  4. Let's put it this way - Sherpa Tensing did all his pre-Everest training at Dartmouth :wink:
  5. Ha, if the breast is there, it's feeding time!!

    I know enough to get by, "to adapt and cope with a whole range of changing circumstances"

    That doesn't stop me from thinking about what the future holds and preparing for it. RR is full of knowledge and views, such as Hig's. I didn't know that our Google overlords provide terrain mapping now, thats cool. Skynet can't be far off now ;-)

    You can't know everything, but every little thing helps. Right now i am pushing myself to run faster and faster on the flat. Just curious about what would be expected of me for running the hills, officially and how that "paints a picture" of me.

    On passing out of BRNC, i'll probably feel like taking on a mountain or two. Unless these hills kill me... time to find a big hill and my iphone (to teach me how to run up hills, innit!)
  6. Download "Google Earth"
    Put cursor over where you want to see. Read elevation above sea level at 2 points (bottom and top of hill ;) [it's shown in the little black/grey bar at the bottom]).
    Measure out the distance between the bottom and top of hill using the ruler tool.
    Work out how many feet the hill rises per foot horizontally.

    So (unless I have this horribly wrong)

    You divide the rise by the run. Example:
    As a percentage it's 5%, which gives you the gradient as a %

    Or you can just work it out as a ratio, which would be 1:20.

    It shoud work with metres as well.

    Have fun with that.
  7. Hi, can't really comment on actually doing the training and all that jazz as i'm not there yet. But do visit BRNC quite often (again on Monday) and the hill is a bitch!! So i can only imagine...

    Not very helpful i know, but at least i'm not pretending to be!! :D
  8. FFS as potential Officers can you fukcing well read? The last part of my post said,`but WTF does it matter? what is to do, is to do`.

    The RN is doomed.
  9. Hig- not having a bad day i hope!? No need for rage like that is there... 8O
  10. I think most just chose to ignore it.
  11. Rage? Rage? you don`t fukcing know me, potential Royal Navy Officers?, believe me , even the ********* I served with had a fukcing sight more common dog than you you lot do. Are you in the RN yet? if not Zip it.

    You won`t like me if I get angry.
  12. I'm going to choose not to take that personally! But Hig with that attitude you can kiss goodbye to that blow job!! :D :lol:
  13. I think the angst and frustration is the only thing that keeps him going. It prevents his heart stopping ;)
  14. This is the Newbies section. He was askig a geographical question, not a naval question. Now please fcuk off.
  15. ooooh now lets all take cover
  16. `Karma` I believe is a serving Officer, I may be wrong, who is to say who is on an unofficial site, But remarks like, and I quote `I think the angst and frustration is the only thing that keeps him going. It prevents his heart stopping`Just goes to prove that SOME of the ********* that I served with are still around.
    If you are a potential Officer, then show some common dog, and think hard before you open your mouth.
  17. Must say that I see it your way Hig, place is full of wanktards and train spotters .Oops is that racist or off topic :oops:
  18. I find it hard to believe that some of the ********* that you served with are still around, at least probably not serving. There are others still serving, I'm sure. There is some very credible evidence that ********* served in the mob well before my time, and will continue to do so, well beyond when I hang up my uniform for the last time.
  19. redmonkey

    redmonkey Badgeman Book Reviewer

    For someone not yet in and asks a lot of questions that rather brave of you. 8O
  20. It may be brave. It may be stupid. I don't care. However, I don't see how a geographical question can't be answered by anyone, regardless of whether they're in the RN or not.

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