The heart attack grill, man dies of..........heart attack

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Flagdeck, Feb 13, 2013.

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  1. Ageing_Gracefully

    Ageing_Gracefully War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Difficult to get better advertising than that!! :twisted: :blob6:
  2. Having watched "Dinners Drive ins and Dives" I'm surprised this doesn't happen all the time. No wonder there is such a problem in the States.
  3. It just proves Darwinism is right IMO.
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  4. Man V Food ​. is a laff, probably viewed as a documentary over there.

  5. The man that does that show look normal ish the first time I saw it when I saw him the other week on series X he looks like crap
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  6. Man -0 Food - 1 (R)
  7. Seeing this will make me feel a lot better when I have an occasional KFC or Burgerking
  8. Presentation of the platter wasn't the greatest, that would've put me off eating it.
  9. Book a day, you pay the £15 and me and a couple of mates will eat it for you.
  10. Do they still have the messy-burger van in Pompey?
  11. Do they still sell Mick Monster Burgers on top of Portsdown Hill, told the now wife I was taking her out for dinner many moons ago whist doing that courting stuff, she thought how romantic. Yep Micks Monster Burger stuff romance
  12. Sterling, you been to Red Beck Cafe @ Crofton near Wakey?
  13. Book a day, you pay the £15 and me and a couple of mates will eat it for you.

    I will if it's only you and you polish it off within an hour.
  14. Nope, do tell................ went to the Swan at Aberford late 80's, the 'Billy Bunter' was their biggy, all meat and beat allcomers.
  15. not quite the same portion as seen earlier but picture the scene;

    24 hour cafe truck stop with a shooting supplies shop opposite, just outside Wakefield............if it wasn't for the accent, the webbed hands with no opposable thumbs it could be the deepest darkest American South :)

    good breakfasts tho
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  16. Jasperizer from Cap`n Jaspers seems to have shrunk, use to feed a family of four.

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