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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by seafruit, Feb 14, 2008.

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  1. hey there fellow RR'ers!
    i had an idea the other day while jumping in the deep end of the pool. is the swim test at raleigh a psychological test as well as the obvious physical stuff?
    i mean there must be something more to it than checking to see if you're capable of abandoning ship!
    i think its like this they want to see if you freak out with the knowledge that jumping off a 3m board into deep water while wearing overalls makes you sink to the bottom a bit. i mean im not the strongest swimmer but i can do it at a gulp ^_^; and they'd want to test your swimming ability too i'd say.
    im not sure if what im saying is understandable but i just thought i'd mention it anyway.

    p.s before i get slagged i like reading terry pratchett and headology is what the witch characters call psychology.

    p.p.s happy valentines day! single people have feelings too so try not to make our day annoyingly mushy! .x
  2. Most of the training has a psychological element as well as a physical and academic component. Training will push you and if you haven't got what it takes psychologically then you'll struggle, but it's designed to push and stretch you throughout, not break you. The service has already invested a fair amount in recruiting you, so it's in our interest to get you to the other end.

    I just fired off some e-cards to a couple of single girlfriends, just to show I care :)
  3. I'm sure part of it is to instil confidence in the trainees and help prepare them for later challenges. The Sea Survival PJT is mandatory and includes a module at Horsea Island where students wearing once-only suits must jump from a platform (around 3m high, I think) and swim to a liferaft while a gemini produces artificial waves around them. No pass, no more naval career. I have often witnessed the patience of instructors as 'more cautious' subjects hover for prolonged periods before eventually taking the plunge. I think I would be tempted to give them an 'encouraging push' but I have never seen this happen. Anyway, it would defeat the object.
  4. At raleigh do we have to jump of a platform into the water or is it just slide in from the side and swim. I hope its the platform.
  5. at my RNAC they told me its jumping in and until last night id never done that in my life. the overalls weigh you down a little but not by much.
  6. Always wanted do jump of a diving board. None around where I live. Aside from jumping off sea cliffs I have never done anything like it.
  7. If your happy about jumping of cliffs in summer, think as it like that i guess. Im not too worried about the fitness; its the 9 weeks as a whole!!
  8. Civilian air crew have to do a similar thing in their initial training AND go jumping down slides at least once a year, plus various other exams.
    To be honest I can't remember it being bad, in fact I can't remember it, and I'm a pretty crap swimmer who hesitates to go in the water even in mid August.
    There may well be an element of liability in it, to make sure you are not going to be a liability to others that is.

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