The Halcyon days in the FAA

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by scouse, Dec 1, 2013.

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  1. Some good drafts .... image.jpg :toothy10:
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  2. RNAS Nuts Corner sounds like a good draft. :)

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  3. redmonkey

    redmonkey Badgeman Book Reviewer

    Shame as I would have liked some of those drafts. There are a few we could still hoist the White Ensign for Colours.
    Might upset some pongos and crabs though .

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  4. George Best international airport ISC
  5. Said it before.Only Belfast would name an airport after an alcoholic wife beater...:rofl:
  6. RNAY Wroughton not mentioned. 6 Bootnecks 6 Wafus 6 Submariners and a bunch of Fire crew, all victualed at a PMRAFNS Hospital, 2 years of bliss.
  7. Only ever drafted to Lossie, Culdrose, and Arbroath and Brawdy, all good camps really, all had their ups and downs, but full of good memories.
  8. I went there to get some gizzits from DNR, seemed like a cushy draft :)

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  9. RNAS Twatt sums it all up rather neatly ;)
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  10. Neither is RNAY Fleetlands nor any of the others!

    As an aside, for those with Google Earth, there is a .kml file that can be added which shows the locations of all airfields in the UK since 1914. The numbers are quite an eye opener. If I can find the link I will add it later.

    Edited bit,

    Here id the link, scroll down and you will find the Google Earth download.

    UK Airfield Catalogue
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  11. Subsistence for up to six months of the year if you were on the display wagons, after I left it went to lodging? allowance and you slept in the wagons.

    In our hanger there was a pile of magazines about 40`X 20` X 12` Called A 1000 Years of Naval History. We reckoned there was about 15 million of them

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