The Gurkha's


A squadron of Gurkha's are in a plane over Afghanistan getting ready for battle when the the commanding officer walks into the middle of the plane and says:

"Right men we are about to drop into enemy territory from 20000 feet with countless enemy insurgents aiming at you as you drop. So get your parachutes and prepare to jump."

Then a Gurkha stands up and says:

"We get parachutes as well?"


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Yes. They are quite thick you know. To think, British Leyland named a range of vans after them.


I actually meant that they're hard enough that they don't need parachutes. The Gurkha's are tough bastards.
Ploughing fat munters in a Sherpa? Make sure you are on top (plank across your arse optional) ...use the beast to make up for the deficiencies in the suspension....simples init?
Munter? Is that old chestnut still in use?
I made it up in '66 :laughing2:

BTW, there is no other kind of munter than a fat one since the word is a conflation of minging and Bunter.
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