The Guns of Mazarron

Discussion in 'History' started by Nutty, Feb 12, 2008.

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  1. So today I took Thing to see the Guns of Mazarron, 16" guns built by Vickers in rotating turrets overlooking the entrance and bay
    of Cartegena a large Naval Base.

    They started to build the battery in 1926. The guns have never
    been fired in anger and were abandoned into care and
    maintenance in the mid 50's

    Worth a visit if you are in the area. Pics to follow.


    TURRET and GUN


    Mrs Nutty and Gun


    Nutty on the Turret


    The business end so a Gunner told me.


    Painted ships silhouettes in observation tower


    More silhouettes
  2. NUTTY you are still a lovely piece of come after forty years ?you old sea dog you. I use avon skin so soft meself. great pics Imight take a sail over your way during the summer hols just to see those guns

  3. Nice phots Nutty. In NZ we have several examples of the Disappearing Gun, rather enthusiastically emplaced around NZ coastlines in the late 19th Century, to discourage/thwart Russian Imperial designs on NZ. Well that's what the Armaments industry said anyhow.
    Never fired in anger. Our local one at Fort Tairoa has been fully restored by local enthusiasts, never fired or likely to be as it is beside a Royal Albatross nesting site.
  4. Not many pikey's round there Nutty. That would have gone long ago!!

    Awesome looking as they say.

    Good pics.
  5. That's the second full frontal I've seen of you in a week Nutty!
    Visiting rellies on the Isle of Wight, I took a solo day tour down memory lane across to Pompey. Thumbing through a book in the City Museum (the old Wrennery), I came across a photo with which we are all familiar - Nutty's avatar - but full length! Gave me a bit of a shock, especially since it represented the sartorial elegance of the Submarine Branch!
    (The book was "HMS Dolphin" - page 75).

  6. I've just seen the original in Nutty's Head. I was amazed to learn that Nutty was photographed in Autumn 1914, yet still looks just the same, apart from the beard falling off and the extentions.

    The Guns of Mazarron are well worth seeing, once you're clear that you are going in the right direction. Sadly Google reveals nothing of the whereabouts, so you'll need detailed directions, preferably here. I recommend bringing a Maglite or similar to explore the "netherregions" of the fort.
  7. 2badgemango

    Do you still have this book. I have a book HMS Dolphin by Keith Hall ISBN 0 752421131 no trace of me on Page 75. My first boat S53 Truncheon is centre of the lower picture if that counts.


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