The Gucci kit thread.

Discussion in 'Travel & The Great Outdoors' started by 2_deck_dash, Feb 6, 2012.

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  1. I've always been a bit of a Gucci kit fiend. Much of my salary gets spunked on outdoorsy gear that sees little use or stuff which I can use on exercise to make my life marginally easier. If it's got a shiny anodised bit or is stuffed with goose down, chances are I'll buy it. My spare room looks like the base camp for an Everest exped.

    Even my car is a giant 4x4 truck capable of crossing deserts, I'm currently considering having it fitted with a snorkel and a safari roof rack, why? Because I can. I suppose when I bought it I had visions of setting off into the wilderness on epic adventures. As yet the closest I've got to this is a pissed up camping trip with the lads.

    Anyone else confess to being a kit fiend? So where do you get your fix? What gear do you like and why? What gear have you bought that is crap? What gear are you thinking about getting?

    MLP recently introduced me to a company called Alpkit which sells much of this sort of stuff and is directly responsible for me being skint this month, other companies I've found to be reasonable are RV ops and This Tribe, both of whom are affiliated to Arrse and RR. I'll even confess to buying some stuff from Sports Direct. It's seriously cheap. FFS I even have some Primark thermals which I'm actually quite impressed with.

    I've currently got a rod on for the following stuff:

    Lowa mountain boots - Old skool but still the best in my opinion.
    Buffalo lightweight mountain shirt - Just awesome, get one for wearing to the pub.
    Jetboil Sol - If you're still using Hexi to cook your ratpack you need to check these out.
    Alpkit down jacket - Toasty.
    Head walking shoes from Sports Direct - Only £30! Win.
    Citizen Promaster Divers Watch - Late Christmas pressie to myself I reckon.
    Karrimor Mountain Hat - About a 1/4 of the price of the Lowe Alpine one but pretty much the same.
    Pussers issue DPM basha and Gore Tex Bivi Bag - Tents are for gayers.

    **** it, I'm going for a ****.
  2. Yes! Yes! Yes!
  3. That's a shaven headed, small penis, Staffordshire bull terrier owner's car (and I bet you read the Daily Star).
  4. I haven't got a Staffy you ****.

    Edited to add: Actually that Pathfinder is a bit lairy. I'll just have the roof rack and the spotlights. You can keep the dodgy paintjob and the pimp grill.
  5. Vaude ultra light weight tent
    Mountain hardwear 5 season doss bag
    Moutain HW jacket
    Karrimoor KSB's instantly comfy
    Snugpak shirt (jacket), better than buffalo IMO (had both)
    Bridgedale socks, the only way to go
    HH lightweight tops
    North Face kit, looks like a NF advert in my spare room.

    All good shit
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  6. Looks like we are the only saddos playing 2 deck!
  7. Mmmm nice.

    Those Alpkit jackets look like a seriously good buy. I might have to get me one (or at least add it to the list of new skis, boots, jacket, salopettes, gloves, goggles and multiple hats (for the ski trip I can't afford to go on) that I can't afford.

    I've got very nice Montane smock similar to the Buffalo -nice bit of kit that didn't cost me a penny :-D
  8. Well my budget is £0 at the moment so I'll keep dreaming about the the Alpkit one in all those pretty colours for now.
  9. I'll probably get stabbed for saying this but when it comes to Ski/Snowboarding gear, I've always found TK Maxx to be a winner.

    Let's face it whatever you end up getting will be destroyed after you fall over 20 times, spill Gluwein down it and inevitably leave it in your board bag soaking wet until the following year. Why bother spending £300 on a pukka Burton outfit that you'll only wear for a couple of weeks?
  10. Ebay is for winners. You can get some good 2nd hand stuff (that's only been worn for a week) that people have spent hundreds on and then sell for £50 when they realise they don't like skiing/boarding.
    Got some nice Nike ACG salopettes last year for £45 that looked like they'd been worn about twice.
  11. Save for big stuff like cars/bikes and boats, I'm still not really using ebay to it's full potential, I should get amongst it, but I just can't be bothered unless it's a buy it now. I'm too impatient.
  12. I've got a sleepin bag mad from an old army blanket, a tent made from me mams clothes horse and a sheet and a candle to cook on.
    I transport all this equipment in a state of the art expussers wheel barrow (wiv a flat tyre).
    If I continue colecting quality kit like this do you think that i will eventually be selected for spezial services?
  13. Just splurged out on
    altberg sneekers
    buffalo special 6 shirt, amazing!!
    oakley gloves, which i thought looked cool for about 30 seconds...
    Looking at tasmanian tiger bergens, look shit hot but have seen no reviews..
    Excel 6mm wetsuit which will get a lot of use
    northern diver rbx drysuit which cost more than my car which has had no use and probably never will.
    I spend an obscene amount of money and time looking for this shit but i love it!
  14. I'm a mega kit whore. I have many, many favourites much the same as 2DD:

    Thermarest, buffalo, lowa patrols, jetboil, macpac rucksack, terra nova quasar, mountain equipment gonk bag, numerous gerbers and petzl head torches, power monkey, garmin. Sometimes I just walk around snow and rock looking at stuff.

    Kit is awesome and using it gives me an erection. Sadly due to work getting in the way, I only get about three weeks a year to be able to do it.

    As for ski wear, we've been here before but anything other than arcteryx or Kjus is just pikey.
  15. I fancy a thermarest or similar, (sorry to bleat on but both Alpkit and Sports Direct have decent looking ones that are green or black, ie suitable for taking on ex). I'm still rocking a Pussers issue roll mat at the mo, does the job but has no street cred.

    What's the crack? Will a thermarest live up to bivvying or is it likely to burst leaving me stuck in Sennybridge for two weeks, negat bed?
  16. My Thermarest has had some honking treatment and has not burst yet, had it for 3 years. The only issue I have with it is if you aren't on dead flat ground your gonk bag slides off it. It could do with being slightly abrasive if you know what I mean.

    Buy properly, buy once. Buy a Thermarest from blacks and use your mod discount.
  17. Sold. You are correct of course, sometimes the cheapo alternative just doesn't cut the mustard.

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