The Great Site Outage - 24-26 May 18

Bad CO

Just to let you all know what happened.

Navy Net runs on two servers alongside ARRSE; one that has the website and the other the database. These are located in a facility in Germany that experienced a major power issue on Thursday morning at approx 1100 hrs. It would appear this knocked out the hardware they have for protecting against such events!

Over the intervening 48 hrs the company has been slowly restoring the thousands of servers they host and bringing them back online. One of these is ours which has now obviously been done.

Unfortunately the sudden crash also corrupted our database which has meant that we've had to restore a previous version. This means that approximated 7-8 hrs of posts have been lost between 0300 and 1100 on Thurs 24 May.

Sorry but its nice to see you all back again

Obviously this has all been down to GCO's hard work.
Good to see it back, I'm sure one or two others here were experiencing withdrawal symptoms...

'Up & Running' but with a limp?

eg 'No Results' flags up when attempting to view one's own previous Messages and those Messages of other regular Contributors.

A big heap of back-history is therefore inaccessible at the moment.

I'm hoping that there is a Fix underway, please..?


War Hero
I'm 24 hours adrift (and not for the first time!). My machine kept showing the 502 error or whatever.

Anyway, back now.

I feel REALLY sorry for all the new joiners that have to breeze up to Raleigh tomorrow, having been unable to ask what type of iron to purchase.