The Great Bus Pass Adventure.


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A friend of mine who is Ex Lifeguards and Police is undertaking to get from Lands End to John O'groats using his bus pass. He has had some great help from bus companies where the bus pass isn't valid (Scotland) who have given him free transport through their area and a couple of train companies have funded his travel both to Lands End and back from Scotland. John is raising funds for the Lifeguards Charity and Combat Stress.

A few years ago John was stabbed whilst on duty as a Police Officer, the knife nicked his aorta and if it hadn't been for the skills of those that came to his aid and the staff at Bristol Hospital he would no longer be with us. Sadly He could no longer continue as a Police Officer after the attack a great loss to both the Police Service and the Public at large. Just in case he reads this I still think He's a twat. ;)

He started the journey a couple of days ago, the day after his 70th birthday. Here is a missive he wrote after his second day....

Well people we had our first disaster, well not really a disaster as it’s retrievable.
I thought things were going well and they were up until Bristol. Like Monday everything was moving along nicely, until I was dropped off at Falfield to pick up my connection to Gloucester unfortunately it didn’t turn up and that was the last bus, I was therefore unable to make my connections to Tewkesbury.
Luckily through my secondment from 1986 to 1993 on The Regional Crime Squad in Bristol I had arranged to meet two guys I had worked with in Tewkesbury. Plans were changed and I was picked up and taken to Dursley where I am staying tonight so at least I am not sleeping at some secluded bus stop on the A38.
I am being taken back to the A38 to that stop tomorrow so I can continue my journey.
I could go on from Dursley but that would be cheating as I am in front of where the bus didn’t turn up.
So tomorrow I will only be an hour behind which I should pick up hopefully along the way.
On a personal note and probably I would say that one of my reasons for doing this was brought home to me today and the circumstances surrounding my PTSD was once more revealed
The new Bristol Bus Station is within a mile from where I nearly lost my life back in December 1990 it is a similar distance from the Bristol Royal Infirmary where my life was saved.
I will never forget for the rest of my life that short ride in an ambulance with the two tones going and for years afterwards seeing an ambulance with the two tones had a bad effect on me.
I had those same thoughts today and was taken back to that day by the many ambulances going past the Bus Station with two tones.
Sat there I contemplated the whole events in the past in great detail as if watching a film.
I was quiet, yes I shed a little tear, yes I went over everything that had happened since that day, the thoughts played on my mind for a while, tonight writing this I have put those thoughts where they belong in the past.
I hope I have not bored you with these comments but I wanted everyone to know that you can learn to live with your PTSD, it might not be pretty sometime but with the right help and the tools to cope it may not be conquered but you can learn to live your life with it.
Anyway onwards and upwards tomorrow and let’s get back on track tomorrow.

His facebook page is at The Great Bus Pass Adventure.

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