The Great Armed Forces pay rip-off

A South West Devon MP has urged the Government to "get a grip" after it emerged more than 50,000 military personnel were underpaid last year.

A series of failings in the operation of a new administration system are being blamed on the blunder which Gary Streeter claims is causing "unnecessary anguish".

More than 50,000 armed forces pay packets were short last year - some by hundreds of pounds in a single month.

Thousands more members of the Army, Navy and Royal Air Force were forced to reimburse the Ministry of Defence (MoD) after almost 20,000 overpayments.
Have you been ripped off? Will the underpayments be automatically paid, or will you have to notice that you have been underpaid and have to reclaim it.

Funny how the over payments are 30,000 less than the underpayments.

(Funny how overpayment is spelt with a 'y' and overpaid with an 'i')

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