The good old days!

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by SONAR-BENDER, Jul 27, 2010.

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  1. So, when I was young (not THAT long ago) my Mum, my Granny, in fact anyone, when impressed by acts of derring-do would say something along the lines of 'my goodness that boy / girl is full of spunk' and nobody flinched. Now it would infer a bukkake fest!!

    Similarly, if one had had a fantastic time, they might say, 'wow, what a really gay time I had at Butlin's'. No comment!!

    And of course, when you had been REALLY busy, cutting the grass, trimming the hedge (or bush, fnarr fnarr!!) etc, she would say 'you've been working like a nigger, have some ginger beer'.

    Why is it so different now?
  2. Well nigger being a black person, and a ginger beer meaning a gay person my problem being black is this:-

  3. Well spotted RR - you win the 50p for my little double entendre!!
  4. That's just reminded me; didn't those fishermen from Kernow release a record that included "Johnny Come Down to Hilo"? Did they change the words or just mumble over that bit?
  5. Correct wording for pic Rummy.

    ner ner ne ner ner brushteeth

    yes I know Spartans were partial to uphill gardening
  6. [​IMG]
  7. When I was young anything shite was gay.

    If you picked up anything less than £1 off the floor you were a Jew.

    If you liked the spice girls or boybands you were a bum bandit.

    If you came from pakistan you were a paki and that was not an insult.

    Ethiopian, Pakistan, Mexican and irish jokes were all perfectly acceptable and not racist.

    You were scared of Policeman and would never gob off to one.

    You were even more scared of your parents finding out when you had been naughty.
  8. Fcukin sprog.Anything over sixpence was like winning the pools.Hadn't heard of spice girls.Boybands, snigger snigger what are they.
    You could gob off to coppers as long as you could run faster than a Veloccette if not expect a good crack round the earhole :D :D
  9. Anything near a pound when I was a sprog and you were fuckin rich. 8O
  10. Bus into town 4d
    Fish & chips 10d
    Pint of beer 10d
    Dance hall 1/6d
    Coke 4d
    Milk shake 6d (for her if you copped off)
    Bus home 4d
    Total=four shillings and eightpence for a Saturday night out! ... And you still had change from a dollar! My pay as an apprentice for a basic 48 hour week was £3 4s 6d

    A spare quit and you certainly were FN rich!

  11. Alcohol being a disgusting substance I have tried all my life to rid the world of, has naturally been studied by myself meticulously.
    It is with this in mind that I recollect the prices of the despicable revolting liquid, at various stages of its history.
    I well remember the 10d pint, and recollect that even as late as 1971 it was reasonably priced.
    It was 1/10d at this date, but then with the coming of the European Gangsters and decimal currency it leapt that very day to 10p or 2/- in real money.
    Bastard robbers, how was I to continue an effective crusade to rid the planet of Larger if they kept upping the anti.
    Thank the lord for inventing the "Grippo". :roll: :wink: :D :D

    And God bless America :wink:
  12. I don't miss squares of newspapers hung on a nail in the outside netty! it was bloody cold in a NE winter,trick was to roll a newspaper in a cone,light it to guide you down the track and throw it down the pan for a warm crap.
    Before that at the farm we had an earthenware shitter,men came every week to shovel it out!
    One day we had a water toilet installed and watched in amazement.
    The worker went for his dinner,when he came back some one had used it before connected up.
    The workman said, looking at the curled chod "Bloody hell! I've put in a 3" pipe and some bugger has a 4" arsehole"
    I was 6 years old but never forgot it, got soft after that.
  13. My first wage was £5 10s 6d had to give £3 to my mom ( called boarding money then ) still managed to run a motornike, smoke and drink on the rest :D
  14. The thing you looked for mostly in our outside dunny was redbacks 8O
  15. Liar, you mean rednecks :wink:
  16. Mid 60's, in my village some of the older cottages had outside cludgys .
    Binmen would empty contents of cludgy bucket ( similar to night heads bucket ) straight into bin wagon where a trail of brown smelly water would seep out onto our street. :cry:
  17. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Aargh, I served with a Chief GI on his fifth five who used to reminisce about a complete run ashore in HK for sixpence split three ways.

    The first pint I bought was 1s 2d - about the same price as a gallon of petrol. What's a gallon Grandpa?

    As to the beginning of the thread I was going to contribute what a South African coursemate of mine said when he saw a Ghanaian officer under training crossing the parade ground at Whaley, but it would probably get RR banned from the inertnet.
  18. I remember scrumpy at 6d per pint outside the Main gate Pompey dockyard (sweet or dry - preferred the sweet stuff myself) and I'm not of pension age yet !


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