The Ginger Prince in new Racism/Gingerism/Queenism Outrage!


An outrage inducing News of the turds article whips the dross of society up into a frenzy..
The Ginger Prince letting off some steam with the lads nothing more. Obviously a few gaffes were thrown in.

Quote...its awful..if his mother heard him speack like that she would have been very dissapointed...besides didnt his mother fall in love with a pretty sure she did. end quote..

Mattbea was that last quote one of yours??
Its Wednesday the 8th of August here In Thailand. That is until the clocks go forward tonight then tomorrow will be 17th March 2009.


War Hero
Pssst, I'll give you a exclusive story so you can dazzle your oppos with your up to date knowledge in the world news. Some bloke called Armstrong has landed on the moon, he was singing "what a wonderful world" at the time, apparently that phrase is going to be famous.
wet_blobby said:
Fcuk me luke, what part of the world are you in mate, get the news a bit late? :wink:
I don’t know anything about a ginger prince. Although I hear that there is this black prince who won for Spurs against a French team at Crecy.
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