The Gift Horse

On Film4 right now! Why have I not heard of this film before? I think it'll be along the same lines as The Cruel Sea. So far it appears to be centred around the ship's company of an old US 4 stacker destroyer on lend-lease. I've just had a quick search on google and I think it will turn out to be very interesting viewing!

And soon the modern RN namesake will be visiting St Nazaire to commemorate the aniversary. Its her last official duty if the media are right. SEP86 will likely be able to shed light on it I'm sure
HMS Campbeltown attended the Falmouth St Nazaire Society service of remembrance on Friday and arrived in St Nazaire yesterday - with Falmouth veterans on board - to attend the 69th anniversary remembrance. Tomorrow is the actual anniversary. And yes, after this Campbeltown returns to Plymouth with her decommission pennant flying.
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