The gayest Navy?



There's a village not far from me in Kernow land called Hatt, does that make the residents Hatters and if Rummers moved there would he be a brown hatter?
More importantly, where's the fucking gallery button gone? I'm bored so I was going to mark everyone gay or straight in the truth behind the username.


Looking in the gallery, we have some candidates for a ratio experiment. These lot are quite clearly gay for starters.

I can't start to understand why you're all getting steamed about the "gay navy" comments, the Andrew has been sitting on a split decision for years.
One half of the population used to look at us with a nudge nudge wink wink manner with the girl in every port legend and the other half thought every twat in a blue suit pushed shit uphill on a nightly basis, as if it was part of the fuckin curriculum.
Personally I have never shagged arse, and I will never do it again.
Man arse?
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