The Garrison Girls Calendar 2009

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by BillyNoMates, Mar 11, 2009.

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  1. They m;ust be f'in ugly, not one of them is showing their face.
  2. Persec issues perhaps. Still they're all Army wives so you're probably right. :twisted:
  3. "Good morning Colonel.....I've just had a bash over your
    wifes butt cheeks"

    ( :oops: )

    Could be a bit embarrassing.
  4. Utterly sexist. Where are the piccies of the blokes!

    Looks like we need to revive the idea of a Rum Rational All Male Matelot Calender in 2010.
  5. Waheyyyyyyyyyyyyyy I recognise Miss September from the Berlin Tesco
  6. I'm in, I'll be Mr July.
  7. If nobody else will go for it then put me down for Mr December.

    I'm not too photogenic nowadays, but someone might like a snap of my hairy arse and beer gut.

  8. I'll be Mr April (It's the month of my birthday) lol
  9. The amount they're 'showing out', you could probably get away with just taking a photo of your foot or elbow to get the pulses racing.
  10. First time a matelow is being picky 8O

    That's what brown paper bags are for, ram it on her head and just deal with the body!
  11. Knew you were classy after our little sorjourn down in Guzz in 1993. I never forget when you repackaged that johnny after we had gone at it like rabbits!! God i was good!!
  12. But was it good for the next lass that used that rubber on you?

    Just the image of her taking your used cum stained rubber dagger in her mouth...........*shudder*
  13. I like the one holding the prismatic compass. If you need one of those to find it love your in the wrong job!!!

    I'll be Mr July as i'm essence
  14. I'd have a good old go with Ms September.....let her hubby watch and show him how it really goes down :twisted:

    Can I be the photographer for you guys??
  15. Must resist............................ 8O
  16. I like the idea of a Rum Ration Calender..although I am worried I would be disappointed. I have this image of you all being hot action men...and I am not sure that the pics would fit my thoughts!
  17. Drink plenty of alcohol before looking at the calendar Welshy
  18. I can't speak for everyone but some of us are essence!
  19. The only Navy men I have known are my ex boyfriend ( a Royal) and his friends from the unit who included an ex Armani my views might have been distorted of what to expect of Navy men generally! hehe.

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