The game of the year!!


Lantern Swinger
Well today was another day in the sporting calender where us matelots and bootnecks try to defeat the the Army in the Babcock Trophy at Twickenham.

This year there were more than 44,000 spectators who decended upon the home of English Rugby Union. Unfortunatly the RN could not muster up the strength to show just why we are the senior service.

The 2005 match report can be found on:

If you fancy watching the highlights (or lowlights) of this years game then it is on Sky Sports. Check out:,19953,,00.html

For the times. :thumright:


Lantern Swinger
Bawsack said:
Call me silly but the newspaper link is a report from the 2005 game???
No your not silly, I'm such an idiot!!! I spent ages looking for the result and camer across this and thought it was the one. Obviously it wasnt!!! D'oh
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haa ha ha ha ha ha

Think i'll leave the sports research job i had lined up for monday. Not my best fortey

ha ha
Yeah the pongos won, I was in the crowd in the dark blue but felt very outnumbered by the red shirts all round, gave as good as we got though!!! :thumright:
I was there - a pongo and family who get their tickets from RNRU so we can be an island of red in a sea of blue - we always have great craic and part friends.

I really thought in the first twenty minutes it was your year, but it was not to be. I managed to miss the two tries just before half time by being clever (or not as it turned out) and visiting the bogs before the rush.

All in all a good day out - nice to see the senior service and us green jobs having fun. See you next year guys and gals.

p.s. If the banter all gets too much we out my middle child as a crab - really diverts attention away from me!
Was there North coach park and East stand. What a great time there and the The wining post before hand, was not as crowded as it was a couple of years ago ,missed last year due to the Goddaughter geting married(should have had her father explain to her).But I can remember the aniversery if not the date and got the card off.Stacks of flashesout side the WP o_O

When getting out we were giving away the kiddies helmets
and other toys we had,the kite we gave away still had the string caught inside the minibus and the kids let go of it when their parents car went in another direction,it flew beautifullyfor a couple of hundred yards untill we went round a round about and it got caught on the traffic lights and the string broke. It was still there as it dissapeared out of sight. So if you saw a kite on a traffic light by a round about going south from Twikers thats the story :dwarf:


Lantern Swinger
What a great day out, bloody expensive though, as soon as my wallet enters greater london it develops haemophilia. Got a radical idea about how we can beat the buggers, hit your line out, win a scrum or two and don't ignore (TWICE) 5 man overlaps when you're 10 yards from the tri-line (of course I'll take my boots again next year just in case the 12000 matelots who are better players than me are suffering from horrendous soft tissue injuries). Thought the non streaker (fella wore a particularly fetching thong) had a great side step - we should definitely put recruit him and put him in a covenient recruitment office
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