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The future of Gibraltar

To be fair, Mellia and Ceuta are signifigantly, if not "totally, "different" because they're full, though non-contiguous parts of Spain. Gib is, however, a colony . ""The European Court of Justice said in rulings in 2006 and 2017 that Gibraltar was “a colony of the British crown” and not part of the United Kingdom"
Don't knock it , I did the job at Dryad for 6 weeks , first/middle watch whatever Dot's did not sell he would put it in sarnies and hand it over before he went through the gate , was supposed to be shared with QM........nope.
Same. Probably the best draft I had. I did the officers gate (can’t remember the name, but the quiet one on the other side). Day work only, then the bar.
Then the ******* took another good shore draft of us and gave it to civvies.
Gibraltar and the Royal Navy have a long history ,yet so far as Governors are concerned it has done rather poorly. The first Governor was Field Marshall Prince George of Hesse-Darmstadt in 1704.
It wasn't until 1969 when we got our first naval one. Admiral Sir Varyl Cargill Begg..
This was posted next door - amazing. 1944 before you ask!


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