The future of Gibraltar

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That's nowt.
Many matelots cannot remember what they did in Gib and how they returned to their ship
How true is that - or the ride back onboard in the pinnace nearly first and middle changeover time with the OOW at the top of the gangway shouting 'quiet in the boat', followed by 'round agaaain cox'n' only to have to be towed alongside after running out of deisel.:D


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The amazing thing is that the old boys had been sworn to secrecy and any survivors are just opening up (pun intended!). I think it was maybe Dr Bethany (cor!) who did a piece on it while she was visiting Gorham's Cave to view old matelots, aka Neanderthals!



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Maybe @Kirkmania can help??
@Salty-Dog , Challenge accepted and thank you for referencing me. The documentary was called Operation Tracer - Stay Behind Cave (1997) and can be viewed at the link below. It shows how the Gibraltar Caving Group discovered the cave which many others had tried to find before. In the event of Gibraltar being captured by German forces, six men would have been sealed into a secret chamber in which they would have been expected to survive and observe the activities of the Germans for a period of one year or more. Rumours about a secret chamber in Gibraltar had persisted since the war and many people devoted considerable amounts of their time to exploring Gibraltar's existing tunnels, caves and sheer cliffs in the hope of finding it. I hope this helps you guys out.

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