The future of Gibraltar


For information, it is 5 years today since The Hole in the Wall closed.

For those that never had the pleasure:

Hi , Although Im not ex RN ,I am ex Pongo who was in Gib in 1974 and thoroughly enjoyed my time there creating many happy memories . Been back three times for day trips whilst holidaying in Spain just to see some of my old haunts and drinking holes . I used to drink mainly in a back street bar just off Main Street called the "Corjito Bar" . and get absolutely bladdered every night and days sometimes . Took my missus back in around 2010 and the bar was still there and guess what , so was the same guy (Pablo) serving behind his bar just as he had in 74 , couldnt believe it !
Anyway I need a query clearing up , I also used to drink in the Hole in the Wall but if my memory serves me correctly it was owned by a Lady back then , but Charles used to serve behind the bar ??? would I be right in thinking this ?