The future of Gibraltar


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I have posted this next door, but on reflection, since a lot of us have an association with Gib, I thought I'd share here. Remember we are in CA!

As anticipated, The new Spanish government, a hodge-podge tri-partite coalition led by Sanchez, has moved swiftly to include Gibraltar in EU discussions. For years they have been illegally entering the territorial waters off Gib on a weekly and sometimes daily basis. The will also shut down the border on a whim at a moment's notice to carry out 'searches' - which is of course their prerogative. However now they have also started to illegally over-fly Gibraltar air-space, which is somewhat more potentially dangerous.

Many of the ARRSE collective will never have visited or served on the Rock. As 'the guardian' of the entrance to the Med it is still of huge strategic importance to NATO. I'll not go into specifics! The Spanish government gets very upset with British warships and nuclear submarines entering Gib. However, in another bout of double standards they have long had a USN base in Rota and have recently been refuelling Russian warships!

What really annoys me is that so few people are aware of the hypocrisy of the Spanish regarding their enclaves in mainland Morocco - Mellia, Cueta and a military outpost on the The Parsley Islands (Las Islas Perejil). When talking to any Spaniard (who actually cares about Gibraltar - most don't), the response is that these enclaves are 'totally different' to the Gibraltar situation.

Reading the comments in some of the red tops, it is quite straightforward - we just go in there, nuke the Spanish after throwing those living and working in Britain out of the UK and then everyone cancelling holidays there. Not too realistic!

The Rock was lost by the Spanish over 300 years ago. The Gibraltarians do not want to be Spanish or subservient to them.

What is the way ahead?


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I then had a G&T and thought of this!

Actually, and I have to admit after a couple of pre pranadial G&Ts, I’ve just had a STONKING idea!

  1. The RN has just finished the lease of at least one general purpose River Class patrol boat (HMS Tyne springs to mind). So far as I’m aware, this is now sitting idle.
  2. The Forces have been asking silly old farts experienced personnel to rejoin up to age 56/7.
  3. The average Brit loves a bit of sun and a foreign jolly (cheap booze etc!).

My plan is therefore this:
Send at least one of these boats to Gib, where it would park up but be ready to go and see off the regular Spanish incursions at a moment’s notice. The Skipper could be a keen young (Regular) thruster who is on a fast track programme.

Ashore would be 2 crews (24 on / 24 off) of silly old farts steely eyed, albeit older and therefore experienced warriors, possibly with their families shore-side in MQs, or at least significant other, on deployment for a month (say) at a time.

Although this is a facetious and simple idea, it could, just possibly, have wings…..
Agreed, but far to sensible for politicians to grasp.....that and they real don't have the will to do much of anyhing regarding Gib, the Falklands, for all their sabre rattling and bluster....when circumstances dictate.....


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Keep Gib at all costs, not just because I love the place but because the good folk of Gib voted to stay as they are

I don’t wish ill of the Catalans but hopefully the Spanish will have more to deal with at the top of their country than our rock at the bottom of it


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I think the Spanish politicians like to think making a fuss over Gib. is a vote winner. They don't see that Spain squatting on other country's territories is in any way comparable to the UK being in Gib.
I think it winds them up that the UK roundly ignores them throwing a hissy fit every now and again. They'd love to provoke a response which enable them to go crying to the EU or even the United Nations. I don't think trying to copy their stupidity is a way forward.


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The UK could always support Morocco in the UN with regards the enclaves now we're not in the EU. Couldn't do us any harm as a threat in the upcoming negotiations.


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From a guy in Gib:

Apologies for bombarding with posts but a Spanish Air Force CN295 (callsign BARBO61) has just overflown RAF Gibraltar and the Bay. This adds to the incursion in the Bay of Gibraltar on our side by SPS Furor this morning. We are now very concerned here. Any awareness or assistance is welcome. Thanks
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