the futility of it all

Discussion in 'Site Issues' started by golden_rivet, Oct 6, 2007.

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  1. I had a chat with someone I met on here last night on MSN and was struck suddenly by the futility of it all. Such superficial contact, 2 people who don't know each other having a meaningless conversation. Until that point I'd been quite happy and enjoyed meeting the folks I have met.

    Is this just the post 1 year blues? Is it cos I is a civvy and therefore my heart's not in it? Is it the time of the month? (before you ask)

    Then suddenly wondered if that was partly what was experienced by those who left - and in some cases came back.

    A colleague described where I now work as being like a 'deeply dysfunctional family' ... does the same apply to RR ?

  2. I know what you mean GR. I have ''fits and starts'' with reference to rum ration.I guess if you get too involved it can take over a little. Thats why I find some of the slagging going on pretty funny.You dont actually know the person/persons yet you seem to get drawn into a cyber battle. I think we are lucky GR and at least we understand its only the internet and find it all a little futile.
  3. maybe I've just been reading too much Jean-Paul Sartre :)
  4. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    This is the Unofficial RN/RM Website.

    Your intellect is wasted.
  5. Get over it join your work social club, a quiz team, a darts team or a synchronised swimming team there are more important things in life than a forum. The ABs have just been knocked out of the Rugby World Cup for Gods sake

  6. What about the Killicks?
  7. Love my job , love my friends , love my family , love this site , life to short for Christ sake , get a grip people for fxxk sake . this site has it's ups and downs but so does all the others , keep in there . :thumright:
  8. I woz only showing off - looked im up in Wikki - who is the geezer anyway? Is he loaded?


  9. I thought he was French, not loaded. I believe Hig knew his missus.

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