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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by Hedgeporker, Jul 28, 2010.

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  1. This has been bouncing around in my head for some time whilst twiddling my thumbs between holding classes :

    Could a grown-up please explain why there is no option for RNR New Entrants to go straight to Raleigh + Phase 2 before returning to their parent RNR units?

    I know there is a mighty long backlog for some specialisations, but surely there can't be enough New Entrants (that would/could go for the hypothetical crash course) to clog the pipe for RNR-only specialisations too, or are there?

    Thank you.
  2. Standing by to be corrected but it's most likely a scheduling thing.

    Raleigh course dates set by Res and I assume deciding factors on the dates include the need to co-incide with availability of parts of the Raleigh course to fit in around Raleigh's full-time courses.

    Then you have Phase 2 courses, the dates for which are set by the respective departments within Raleigh and nothing to do with Res (aside a commitment to take a certain number of RNRs per course). Thus even if you could line up a Raleigh course to finish the week before say a deck hand course came up that might happen once a year but highly unlikely to get the OG526 or whatever it is immediately the week after that again. And even if it did, I know my unit for one would not send anyone in without some training beforehand (I know these are ab initio courses, but still).

    But, there should be nothing stopping you trying to apply for these courses before you've done Raleigh so you have your sh1t in one sock as they say and you've the minimum time to wait between courses which is the way forward. Get your DO to agree to that and your TC on-side and off you go mate.

    Hope this helps!
  3. jockpopeye

    jockpopeye Badgeman Book Reviewer

    I am no expert (on anything) but you assume that all who attend Raleigh pass out. Some do not and to have further courses booked to immediately follow, which they then would not attend, would be a waste of money and resources.

    Also the feedback that is sent back from Raleigh to the respective unit may help to inform the descision making process over what department thay should join and what direction their RNR career should go down.

    Finally probably the majority of people who join the RNR will find that the 2 weeks off work to attend Raleigh as a fairly substantial commitment and will then require to get back to their day jobs for a bit before they can consider more time off for further courses.

    Provision of and timing of courses seems to be a recurrent theme, and nobody likes to have to sit around waiting for courses, but that's life.
    A keep skill in the RNR, as in life, is patience.
  4. Thanks for the replies.

    SoylentGreen : I've yet to start in September so I don't really know what you mean by your last paragraph. Could you please explain?

    jockpopeye : The idea would (by default) only apply to students on summer hols and the self-employed / unemployed. They would be able to commit to the whole 9 weeks at Raleigh, no different from the regular recruits.

    I still don't see the sense in NOT allowing NEs to go for the full monty at Raleigh, even if they come straight back to Res (I'm assuming this is the parent unit) to wait for Phase 2. If I have to wait then I'll wait, of course. US mil recruits are signed up and are off within days, reserve or regular! I don't think anyone can say that there's nothing to really be done, given the amount of wastage there must be during the joining and pre-passing out processes.

    Just my tuppenny worth.
  5. The US reserve is over 70 thousand strong. There is a major difference between the USN reserve and the RNR, plus the USN and RN in general.

    We cant just fill out the RN's classes empty spaces. How can you have any warning when on day 1 some bod doesnt turn up, just up sticks with no warning to join your 8 week course, not likely.

    With Empty spaces when people drop out the spaces are needed for people being back classed at various stages of training, when i did my RNR 526 rifle course the full timers we were with got told that if more than 3 of them failed this part of the course people had to go back to week 1 as the rest of the following class had only had 3 dropouts and the rest had no spaces left.

    Oh and then theres budgets, someone has to pay for all this and they are tight enough with out giving the odd reservist a free ride on there ticket.
  6. We'll never know if it'll be worth it (to make space for dedicated RNR 9-week Raleigh) until someone :

    A) Counts the cost of doing so.

    B) Polls the potential recruits and new entrants for willingness to commit to 9 weeks at Raleigh.

    C) Counts the cost of drop-outs from pre-Raleigh training.

    D) Counts the cost of recruitment that is aborted due to loss of interest.

    E) I'll wind my neck in now because I'm starting to sound like a gobby sprog. :D
  7. Hedgeporker,
    It is an interesting point and one which might be answered by the 'powers that be' in the near future. The reason I say that is the RN has recently declared itself at trained strength - therefore unless someone leaves we don't need anyone else to be trained - therefore there is potential for a reduction in training pipelines across the board commensurate with the natural training wastage and retirement/redundancy/sackings which results in an annual turnover of circa 2% of our strength.
    With a reduction in the training pipeline 'flow' there should ba capacity for additional RNR training, although it would again have to be commensurate with the likely reduction in Res numbers required to support the reduction in the overall size of the RN.
    This is a little speculative to say the least as we all await the outcome of the SDR announcement in Oct which is highly likely to make us smaller both in terms of platforms and terms of personnel required.
    We'll have to wait and see...
  8. If there was a requirement for RNR's to do the full 9 weeks it would have been thought of by now! !Weekly attendance at the unit (should) prepare you for the 2 weeks that you are required to attend. How many people who are in fulltime employment can afford to take 9 weeks off work? The two weeks at Raleigh are primarly for the parts of training that cannot be conducted at the unit.
  9. I confess I missed your intention of doing the 9 week Raleigh course. I thought you meant doing the 2 week one and immediately doing the 2x Phase 2 courses right after. I was going to add Jock's very valid point that the majority of people joining the RNR are either employed or in education and the 4 weeks would be a stiff commitment to either (unless in education and in summertime) and therefore as that's a minority requirement it's likely to go unfulfilled.
    PS - DO (divisional officer, who you 'should' get a list of courses to do for the year and therefore permission to apply for them) TC (unit training co-ordinator, who you book courses thru).

    Of course, you need to consider the RNR/RN's Magic 8 Ball approach to decision making:

    Is the decision to be made:
    1)Bleeding Obvious
    2)Something everyone's been crying out for for ages
    3)At least 4 years overdue
    4)About to be made superfluous by an imminent but unpublished change in policy or training requirements

    - if so on all counts then and only then can it be made to happen! :)

    (No offence to SO2 or anyone else!)

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