The French Foriegn Legion

This is just out of curiosity has anyone on this site seen the Legion in action on active duty and if so waht are your impressions?

I watched the itv programme on them this evening and just wondered how they were seen by the Royal Marines.
Here we go.
They speak French, they drink wine (Shite wine at that.) and they sing songs about sausages whilst marching slower than a slow thing.
Need I say more?
Don't know about active service but I am eternaly gratefull to the Leggionaire who got me out of the shit in a French bar in Marseille.
Had a big brawl with them in Djibouti. We beat a hasty retreat though, when the blades appeared. Our Booty Corporal got stabbed in the thigh, and a large percentage of the crew got lifted by the local police.
Even the Sin Bosun.
Worked with them off Corsica whilst PO of the deck on Bulwark. Very professional, hard as ****. They pay attention to what is being said. The one who didn't, when he asked a dumb question, got a punch in the ear hole form his Sergeant, no messing !
I have visited their HQ at Aubagne near Marseilles, and met several Brits (ex Booties and Paras)who had joined up. They were all NCOs so their previous training in the UKarmed services had helped them.


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A lad at my work was in the French Foreign Legion (he's not french tho?). He said the training was unreal, like non-stop hiking with weighted rucksacks and only a couple of hours to sleep at a time. And he said they were literally beaten if they weren't doing good enough. I've forgotten where he actually served but he did go somewhere with them.
They are one of the most respected fighting forces in the word. And I'm sure they have due respect for other similar forces (the Spanish also have a foreign legion).
I think it is telling that they refuse 90 percent or more of aspiring recruits.
At very least the french have the decency to give long serving (at least five years) members a french passport! A lesson that could be learned elsewhere!!
I always understood that the FFL were the World's No.1 experts in the art of Tactical Retreats, whereas our Home Grown, lovingly nurtured, financially well rewarded, well fed, beer supping brave Booties only go in a forwards direction. Perhaps the problem is that the words: retreat, capitulation, surrender, all French derived words..... :twisted: whereas Big Brave Booties is an established English phrase meaning Never Surrender! :biggrin:
My mate is a stripey in the 1st royal irish and he reckons having seen them in afghan that they are a big pile of shit! They dont even learn map reading till they make NCO!


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jimjimjimjim said:
You cant serve in the legion if you are french, unless you are a grunter. Most of their grunters are french
If you consult the link provided by Dr.Zoidberg, you could read this,

"Join the 7699 legionnaires and non-commissioned officers hailing from 136 different countries, including France. "

The Foreign Legion has the pick of the top graduates each year from the French Military Academy St Cyr.
NZ_Bootneck said:
Here we go.
They speak French, they drink wine (Shite wine at that.) and they sing songs about sausages whilst marching slower than a slow thing.
Need I say more?
Even if you never posted again, you'd still be saying to much ... u miserable old w'anker.
Nails, I'm astonished that you are not a serving Legionnaire! Hard as Roman cement, as robust as Janner, as superintelligent as Angrydoc and as Matelot as The Matelot. What is the British Legion coming to! o_O
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