The French do have balls after all

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by finknottle, Jul 14, 2010.

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  1. The French National Assembly voted nearly unanimously on Tuesday to ban the burqa or niqab, the full Muslim face and body covering that some branded a “walking coffinâ€. If the bill passes the French Senate, where it will be voted on in September, wearing the burqa will become illegal and punishable by a fine of around $200, or £117; men found forcing women to wear the veil could spend up to a year in jail. At the very most, only around 2,000 women in France wear the veil, however, the French Parliament determined that wearing the burqa is “contrary to the values of the French republic.
  2. Surely the EU will wade in soon enough to tell them it contravenes some human rights law or something. Then see if they have the balls to just ignore them unlike successive goverments in this country that bend over backwards to comply with every whim from Brussels.
    As far as a ban in this country goes I couldn't care less if women choose to wear them (although being forced to is another matter). Besides the PC crowd over here would never stand for it and no-one would suggest it at the risk of causing the slightest offence to anybody.
  3. If France follow their normal methods they'll ignore anything Brussels says anyway (unless it's in their favour).
  4. Pity we do not do the same.
  5. I seem to remember from the news last night that the ban was generic on face covering and included items such as full face hoodies etc. Muslim garments were simply caught in the net so to speak (though not unwittingly I suspect), and underpinned with views regarding said garments.

    So would this mean people with Vitiligo be persecuted if they aren't carrying a doctors note? What about welders or people with pig-ugly issues?

    Personally I don't have any problem with someone who chooses to hide away from either myself or the rest of society but Bravo the Frogs yet again for having the inner strength so as to isolate their own people.
  6. The Muslim women say covering the face is part of their religion, to the best of my knowledge this is not the case, as the Holy Qur'an states that women and men should dress modestly and says nothing about covering the face.

    It is also very unpleasant and cowardly, when they come out faces covered and throw abuse at our lads who are back from Afghanistan.
  7. A roundabout way to get the Ulstermen in balaclavas?
  8. Agreed SS,

    However, the difference is that (IIRC) we are signatories of the Human Rights' Act, and France is not. I believe that with the EU, you can choose to be party to some elements, and not to join in with others; our refusal to join the Euro being a prime example.... France, along with several other countries took one look at the HRA and said 'non merci'.
  9. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    I don't see what the problem is to be honest. It isn't part of their religion, that's a load of old cobblers.

    Maybe our women should kick up a stink for not being able to wear skirts or short sleeve tops in their countries to even it up.

    You can't have it both ways.
  10. If someone wishes to cover themselves completely then perhaps they have choosen to live in the wrong country. As a Westerner who has worked in many and various countries I have always tried to comply with the countries regulations, customs and laws.
    In the West it is not the custom to cover the face unless you are outside the law, hence the masked highwayman etc.
    Facial expressions give more indications about a person than any body language.
    As the Koran does not recognise that the Burka is needed then it should be banned.
  11. If only we had a leader with enough balls to tell urup to stick its HRA where the sun don't shine.
  12. It's a fact that the French want things their way and want France to remain France as they see it.
    I live there so have a good idea of their values.
    Like others have stated, if only the UK Government would stand up and be counted the UK might just be worth going back to. But I doubt it.
  13. So once again we have ended up with a spineless leader/leaders who do not put Britain and our culture first, surprise surprise.

    The fact that their good book does not instruct them to cover their faces is a good indicator that it is all about male dominance; I also believe that some of the younger women wear it to deliberately wind us up. Since I joined the service in the early sixties and under different coloured weak misguided governments this country of ours has become unrecognisable.
  14. The French have a culture of 'revolution', they'll man the barracades for the cause.
    The English have a culture, perpetuated by the 'monarchy' system, of 'class'...'Know your place'. We older ones experienced that in the Navy... most of the officers were from the 'public school stables'. Accident of birth put them higher up the pecking order.. as if it was a 'right'
    As a consequence the English/British culture, over centuries, has developed into a subservient, mustn't rock the boat, take the soft option approach.
    I think the poll tax riots of twenty years ago was the last time the British public stuck two fingers up to 'authority'
    I've been hoping for a 'bring the troops home'... 60's style vietnam protest marches that I saw in Washington in '68...... I think I'm going on a bit..... going off thread..... I'll get my coat. :oops:
  15. :twisted: I could not agree more.At least the French take direc t action[ albiet when it suits them.] I know that I've posted this bastard a million times before and I don't give a fcuk;- so here goes a millon and one :!: I so hated the pigs of my day that my first action as a civvy was to join the T.G.W.U and if the Class War mob had have been around then I'd have been a founder member. :twisted: The nation of Islam can kiss my arse. :x
  16. Rock on comrade !... If I had a forelock..... I'd tug it ! :headbang:
  17. Ha the walking coffin, I call them the moving letterbox. Anyway good ya France.
  18. The Immigration minister, Damian Green, slaps down efforts by fellow Tory MP Philip Hollobone to ban people from covering their faces in public, saying such a ban would be 'un-British'

    BBC News.

    Well Mr Green it is my opinion that walking around with your face covered is un-British it is not part of our culture in these Islands. If these women choose to do then I suggest that they would be more suited to a life in Saudi Arabia and hand in your driving licence on the way.
  19. There was a chappy (sorry, can't remember his name) on the BBC News this morning. He is a Professor of Islamic Studies (I think) at Oxford. Expecting the same old same old from another rag head, I just kept slurping the old Coco Pops while listening with one ear.

    Therefore, I was stunned when he kicked off against the burka, saying there is nothing in the Koran about it, it has NO religious significance and was originally instigated by one or two tribes in Saudi and Afghanistan 200 years after the death of 'the prophet'.

    Mmm, VERY interesting.

    I cannot go into a bank wearing my crash helmet. I would not instruct students wearing same. Hoodies have been banned from many areas.

  20. I've just come back from Holland, there's a warrant out for Batman and Robin.

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