The 'Forever Jack' Onesie

I was browsing through a publication over my first coffee of the morning today, when I came across the Forever Jack Onesie, apparently the brainchild of some of the HMS Daring guys.

It does look quite cosy.


Other items are available:

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Dear god, please let this be a photo shop p*ss take, the Pongo's and Crab fats would die laughing if they saw you in one of these. As for the booties they'll be dry humping your leg.......
Wouldn't consider myself a 'little Britisher', but have you seen the Ensign towel? Would have Nelson revolving in his tomb, the sight of someone drying their bits with it.:rofl:.Ever so slightly disrespectful me thinks.


Wearers of onesies should be burnt alive in them. Wearers of this particular onesie should be punched in the face until they burn themselves alive in them.
One simply cannot play with ones self when one is wearing one of these onesies can one not?

Can't we TLAM the ****ing factory they're being made in?



It speaks volumes of the type of mongs that buy them by the range of long defunct ship and branch badges on offer.
Just put yours on the wrong way round Stan, would work for the Mrs as well. You could take her up the stern tube and the hood would go over her face.......thinking about it, I might get the wife one!
My son offered to buy me one for my last birthday. I've disinherited him and crossed him off my kissing list. Mind you he was a submariner("O" Boats and Bomber Queen)
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