The Forever Friends Pet Cremation Service

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Bergen, May 12, 2008.

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  1. You couldn't make this sh*t up. The Forever Friends Pet Cremation Service - Mission Statement - As Pet Owners We Understand The Need For A Dignified Service When A Beloved Pet Passes Away has, for the past 7 years, been quietly cremating US Servicemen killed in Iraq and Afghanistan. Without the knowledge of friends or families over 200 men and women have been cremated in the pet crematorium.

    It was only a few days ago when an officer escorting the body of a fallen comrade into Dover Air Force Base found out what was going on and blew the lid off this nonsense that it has been made public.



    From todays Washington Post:-

    Pentagon officials said they do not think that human remains and animal remains were ever commingled at the facility. "We have absolutely no evidence whatsoever at this point that any human remains were at all ever mistreated," Pentagon press secretary Geoff Morrell said at a news conference hastily convened last night.

    Regardless, the Pentagon will no longer permit crematories not located with funeral homes to handle the remains of U.S. troops, defense officials said.

    Officials said they do not know the number of service members cremated at the Kent County facility, which is identified on a billboard as Friends Forever Pet Cremation Service.

    Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates found "the site and signage insensitive and entirely inappropriate for the dignified treatment of our fallen," Morrell said. "The families of the fallen have the secretary's deepest apology," he said.

    "The secretary believes that it is inappropriate, even if though permissible under the rules and regulations, to cremate our fallen, our heroes, in a facility that also cremates pets," he added.

    The revelation came to light when an Army officer who works at the Pentagon traveled to Delaware on Thursday to attend the cremation of a military comrade. Offended to discover that the facility was labeled as a pet crematory, the officer sent an e-mail late Thursday night to superiors at the Pentagon that included a photograph of the signage.

  2. Bloody unbelievable , :thumbdown:
  3. That is unaceptable at all levels, let's hope its not happening to our heros.
  4. Yet again the yanks have shown a total disregard for their own service people, they send these guys in to war zones they created and treat them like sh*t when they return - heads need to roll for this!!
  5. Of course the UK servicemen/women are treated with TLC on their return and Joe/Josephine Public welcome them with open arms??.

    Pet cremation.

    If you require the remains of your pet and only your pet the only way is to actually watch your pet go into the furnace and later the ashes are taken out in the metal container and put through the Crembulator. This is to crush any large bones that are left.

    At one time you could actually put your pet into the furnace but once again H and S say no can do!!

    You can put your pet into the container through the viewing window in the waiting room.

    If you do not require the remains of your pet your pet along with many many more are cremated at the same time and the ashes scattered in the garden of rememberance.

    The cost of having a pet cremated is not a cheap affair. Many are cremated because they have been loved and are missed dearly. And their guardians so called called in the USA wish for their remains to be returned. And only their remains.

    If anybody thinks a crematorium for humans is any different than a pet crematorium they are living in cloud cuckoo land.

    Both are covered by the environmental act. And a Zillion other Depts.

    There is not much chance of GI Joe being mixed in with Tiddles although to many humans of planet Earth animals are there for the human race to do with has they please and the very thought of going into a furnace that an animal has been in previously is repulsive..

    Yes it is best if we all go in the human furnace that Myra Hindley and all the rest of the scum bags have been in before. Rather than Rover who probably wagged his tale at you and looked at you with loving eyes when you bent down to stroke his head the week before.

    Think Green is the way forward.
  6. Of course the UK servicemen/women are treated with TLC on their return and Joe/Josephine Public welcome them with open arms??.

    I don't disagree with your statement all i was getting at is the fact that they cremated the dead without even teling their families is disgusting no matter what type of crematorium they used.
  7. Only in America,God bless em.
  8. It's also a 3 year old thread. I would imagine the practice has stopped by now!!
  9. Aha - Well spotted, Jim,

    But won't our Welchyy need such a valuable service when he has wrung the last bit of recruiting advice from Felix?


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