A Pension issue was raised on this Finance Forum thread so it should be worthwhile to draw RR member’s attention to this outfit who battle on our behalves;

See the FPS at


<< Forces Pension Society’s rigorous work on behalf of all ranks and their dependants in all Services is unique. No other organisation campaigns on its Members’ behalf for improvements to Armed Forces Pension Schemes; fights to correct inequities in existing schemes or deals with Members’ pension issues week in and week out through our Pensions Helpline. Unless you are a qualified pensions expert, the complex nature of the Armed Forces Pension Schemes coupled with people’s changing circumstances, needs explanation and guidance. >>

<< Common problems that arise...

Pension Forecasting
Pension Entitlement
One Third/One Half Widows' Pension
Post Retirement Marriage
Pension Troughs
Complaints Procedure
Medical Discharge >>

NB This is NOT a Sales Pitch - I chipped in for Life Membership on leaving the RN, & whilst I have not needed their specific advice (yet - TG) it has been comforting to see how they fought for others & to know that they will front up should the need arise.


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