The forces lost weaponry

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by nobby0919, Mar 3, 2009.

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  1. A freedom of information request produced the following:-
    The latest figures reveal the Armed Forces lost,( or had stolen) 35 pistols, 43 rifles and six machine guns between January 2006 and December 2008.
    Also listed are 27000 rounds of ammunition.
  2. Was it your request or do you have a news source for this?
  3. Considering we've been fighting wars on two fronts throughout that period I dont think that's too bad. In any case I'm sure that very few weapons have actually been lost or stolen. Most of those listed above can most likely be put down to accounting errors.
  4. Remind me, just when did weaponry become the plural of weapon?
  5. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Phew, I thought they'd go back further in their investigation. Does this mean we're in the clear now for burying a certain cnut of a C/Sgts SMG at the end of one particular exercise back in the 80's? :twisted:
  6. Put me down for a Browning HP and a Minimi please… :wink:
  7. We'll still need more weapons than that.
  8. I remember losing smoke in a stripey"s pit he was none to happy.
  9. The Oxford Pocket Dictionary of Current English | Date: 2009

    weap·on·ry / ˈwepənrē/ • n. [treated as sing. or pl.]

    weapons regarded collectively.

    OH dear no wonder he's passed over!!
  10. Ssshhh, don't mention the SLR/LMG mags in my mouldy bergan.
  11. Says it all really. The Oxford fluffies will put any misused word in there; if it's misused often enough!

    Anyway, a good try Nobber. :D
  12. I have no live rounds, empty cartridges or pyrotechnics..........................

    Honestly guv :D 8O
  13. Why the fcuk is this in the gash barge? It's more relevant than a lot of the shite posted. Is it because the boys club didn't find it?
  14. Dont forget the boys club were using the long-bow in "their day" Monty!!!

  15. Ah, that explains it, it was just randomly arranged letters to them.
  16. I ditched my collection of brass shortly after leaving the Corps as I had no idea why the feck I was carting it around!! :lol:

    Kept the aerosol of CS for a while though!! 8O
  17. I thougt that the declaration went something like " only a slack handfull of live rounds and empty cases in my posession Sir". :D

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