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Discussion in 'Sports and Adventure Training' started by witsend, Dec 10, 2011.

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  1. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    A thread to discuss the beautiful game.
  2. I don't think for one minute spurs are now burst, we all know how hard it is for any team to get a result at stoke. So i still believe they will be fighting for a top three place come May.

    Real Madrid are having a good start in the league, Barca are still the best but it could be Madrid's time to finish top dogs over the course of the season.

    I cannot wait for the Champions league draw, My team United are of course not in it now, but there will be some great match ups for a football fan to watch.

    Aaaaah, The beautiful game. :-D
  3. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    I support Brentford so am not qualified to comment on this thread.
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  4. So true. Losing Vidic is another nail in the coffin. Massive blow that.
  5. Wow big shout Wit's. Though we seem to have no magic in the middle, no settled back four and none of the strikers are looking like they will get the golden boot, we still have more than allot of the other teams, so i do think United will be top three.

    Chelsea, now they could be the dark horses this year. I see them creeping up, but tomorrow night against city could tell a story.

    Ill go.....Chelsea 1-1 Manchester City.
  6. Well well well. I predicted a draw, but Chelsea have woken up and shown some, not many, but some cracks in City's Amour.

    Good game for the mutual, great game for a United fan.
  7. City lost their composure big time. Yaya Toure is a dirty, strop throwing, tooth sucking twat and I hope he and De Jong receive career ending leg breaks in the not too distant future.
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  8. Cannot argue with that, get at him and he sulks, then makes mistakes.

    Correct, Massive Sunday!! Super Sundays have been shite of late, this could be the best this season.
  9. Oh i should of added this as well earlier, Van Persie is on fire this season. This goal was, well.......Textbook volley.

  10. The most qualified I would say.

    Unless you're a glory seeking Brentford fan which is, let's face it, unlikely.

    I enjoyed my few visits to GP, good place that.

    Sorry, would hate to nick a Sky thread.
  11. Seb Larrson's v liverpool was better.

    But none can touch the master:
  12. Au contraire, as a follower of Carlisle United I am well versed in hoofball and can spot shite football when I see it. Although I shouldn't mention Carlisle United IVO a Brentford fan, I think Wembley still hurts.
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  13. Paulos is one of the greatest, but for a big game, great player, late on, epic competition, and pure skill, i give you....

  14. Sorry - missed yours.

    Agree, as a Carlisle follower you are indeed a 'real' one as well.

    I'm on the edge of a plastic fans rant but have done it so many times I really can't be bothered any more.
  15. Not having that, it's an easier chance than all three above.

    Now, Joe here, I know he took a touch but still:

  16. Give it to Joe Cole, he knows how to hit them when he wants.

    So many to choose from, that is the Beautiful game!!
  17. The single greatest and most dramatic moment in Football history bar none. Still get shivers down my spine watching this, at the time I went absolutely batshit and to this day I've never known euphoria like it:

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  18. Being a former follower of your opposition on that day I must concur. Very 'Roy of the Rovers' type stuff.
  19. The so called relegation, six point, battle of Lancashire is taking place between Blackburn and Bolton.

    Currently Bolton are two goals up.....Looks like the Rovers boss will be sacked in the morning, if the fans have their way!!!
  20. Bolton's meat and potato pies used to be the best in the entire league.

    Just thought I'd mention it

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