The Fog of War


The Royal Navy today has a Minesweeper Flotilla so they, among others, will find the saga of the 1st and 15th 27th August 1944 Flotillas interesting.
They set sail to clear a safe passage for the invasion force vessels. The 1st flotilla having completed its task took shelter for a grog kye and tickler in a safe French inlet.
Sadly the Admiralty didn't tell the Air ministry ( they were at loggerheads then} the ships disposition.
RAF Tempest and Polish crewed Spitfires attacked and almost decimated them.
My own brother who was an Engineer Officer aboard Salamander did as instructed and kept quiet about it and it was not until it became public much later that I mentioned it to him and he told me how had been inflicted with that dreadful scar to his forehead,
He had served throughout WW2 ending up on Russian convoys before his D Day debacle. He was rewarded at Wars end with a America and WI commission aboard Jamaica.
Part way across the Atlantic the Korean war broke out. He finished his naval service in Korea


Thanks you for bringing this to our attention. It made me look it up. Full story here:
Thank you. It is an interesting but most sad event.
The matter was investigated post WW2 and it was found that a retired Commander who had offered his old but experienced services to the war effort had been at fault. poor chap who had won a DSC during his regular service and who must have been worn out with all that going on had been responsible.
I cannot begin to imagine how the poor man must have felt.
The Chiefs of Staff of the army airForce and navy clearly knew how the man must have been stricken with grief and treated him kindly.

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