The Flying Fid

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by finknottle, Mar 5, 2006.

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  1. I am searching for a picture of one of these little beauties I have googled it to no avail can anyone help? I owned one many years ago with little flapping wings no idea what happened to it, must have flown away.
  2. Ah yes, Happy Daze. Visit to Naples while on the Cleo in the earky '50's, side trip to Pompei was the first time I saw them. This caused the forming of the Flying Fid Club. Memebres were required to show theor Fid if challenged by another member. Trick was to catch somebody ar defaulters just as the "off caps"

    The next time i saw them was in the 1970's in Noosa, Queensland. Sorry I can't help with a photo
  3. My missus thought I had turned gay as she watched me search Google Images with all the variations of the word "Fid" plus flying. Found no pictures/photo's but brooches and key rings can still be purchased.

  4. Hi,
    Apart from adorning other matelots, the only time I have seen them was in Naples or Tarranto, so I think its an Italian thing.

    Doesn't surprise me, the ******** of the world, you wafus should be made to go back and finish the job off, then you can celebrate Tarranto Night properly.
  5. The waffus didn`t have time, they had to be back for 9 o clockers.
  6. I bought one years ago, made from the finest lump of lead. Still kicking around in a storage box, in the loft. If I can find it, I'll post a picture in the Gallery.
  7. An explanation for those sprogs who are not familiar with this item and to protect the innocent, this item is also know as the Winged Penis. Or is that too much information
  8. Not yet mentioned, although coming from the same stable as the "Flying Fid" is the saying "worth its weight in gold". For those of us who have visited Pompii, can attest to the explanation hidden away in a shuttered box at the "House of the Two Brothers".
  9. I hopedyou starved
  10. i hope you starved
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  11. Most probily is with todays little darlings
  12. Most probily is with todays little darlings
  13. Do you have a stutter - two postings both duplicated. Or is it a way to get faster promotion on this site?
  14. :eek: Wowwee Thread revived from 2006. Wonderful to know that mikh cares so much.

    ('Specially when all the others didn't give a flying ...****):D
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