The floods.

Although I don't live in the UK, we do watch the news and have seen all the horrendous flooding and all the poor folk whose lives have been thrown well out of kilter by the weeks of inaction.

So I got to thinking....

Where are all the Bonos and Geldofs with the 'charity concerts?'
Why have we not seen any foreign flagged Navies carrying out Distexes?
Why has Smudge not been sacked?

It was good to see the Booties going in and not being referred to as 'The Army!' Also even the Red Cross had an Unimog in action at one site.

Finally, since charity begins at home, how about siphoning off (Government experts in siphonong are available) some of the International Aid funds for relief?

I have put this in Lil's for a reason! disgust


You answered your own question. We're dealing with it ourselves. It's a bit of rain not a tsunami.
Where are the water companies in this time of excess moisture? When we have a dry spell every drop of water belongs to the water companies, so assuming that the amount of water in the world is pretty constant it all belongs to them now. Therefore, they should be at the forefront of any damage limitation and/or repair works. And why isn't some of this water saved for future use in times of drought? I'll bet a pound to a pinch of the old brown stuff that there's a hosepipe ban this summer!
I think the most recent RNR Continuous Attitude survey did ask a question about how people would feel about being mobilised to fill sandbags and wade around Somerset.
I did a watch yesterday at Portland Bill lookout with a chap who lives right on Chesil Beach. Brandy Row. His house was right in the thick of it. He was quiet stoic about it all. Living next to the beach he said - you have to expect a bit of water !!!!! He has been totally flooded out downstairs. He's still smiling - not as if it happens every day he said!!!!

(Wouldn't mind but he's an ex pongo!!!)
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