The first day of the rest of my life.....supposedly

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by thereverend, May 7, 2010.

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  1. Today is day one of me not smoking. As suggested by Jonno I'm going to keep a sort of blog going on here so I have somewhere to come and call everybody a cunt just because I want a cig. I'll be fucked if I'm gonna write in it every day though because that will just magnify the feelings of not having and wanting a smoke.

    Seven hours into it and I feel alright, cravings are there but I'm keeping focused. I don't feel any fitter yet. I shouted at some prick posting junk mail through my letterbox but that's not unusual.

    Goodbye old friend. 14 years this year. I will miss you, you stinking piss stick.
  2. Good luck with it. Beast yourself every time you get a craving. In the end your brain will stop having the cravings out of pure fear for the consequences. :D
  3. Good luck rev. Did it about five years ago. Piece of piss.
  4. Yep good luck

    Watch what you eat, eat healthy, exercise and it will soon be like you never smoked before.

    I've not tabbed out since August 3rd 2009. I'm not an ex smoker. I'm not given up. I keep saying I'm not a smoker. It's more positive.
  5. Cheers gents. My theory is if I can go without a cig for one day then there is no reason I can't go without for the rest of my life. I am already getting into the mindset of calling myself a non-smoker and I have already done 100 extra pressups on top of my usual amount today.
  6. Find something you enjoy as much as smoking a cigarette and, when you get the craving, do that instead.

    PS I'm not a smoker, never have been, so the usefulness of my advice on this question may be debatable ....... :lol:
  7. *snigger* :hump:
  8. Sol did leave that one wide open :lol:
  9. Aye, I have a few plans on how to make myself busy and what I can replace smoking with. I have a little pot that I'm going to put my cig money into and the first thing I'm going to buy is a beginners book of Japanese. Plus I can really get stuck into making this swingy slidey thing for me nephew :)
  10. Just out of interest thereverend, why Japanese?
  11. Always wanted to visit Japan and I intend on going next summer, so figure I may as well get some basics down to help me when I'm there. Nothing irritates me more than people who don't make the effort to learn even the basics of language of the country they're visiting. I guess that comes from growing up in Germany and witnessing idiot, young squaddies expecting everyone to speak English because we won the war though eh!?

    Aside from that, even though learning a new language is always going to be a challenge, I think learning Japanese will be that bit more challenging than others such as French and Italian as it is in a sense completely alien. It was either going to be Japanese or Russian, makes more sense for me to learn Japanese.

    Oh, and I hope for it to assist in my goal of nailing a Japanese chick........that goes without saying though :D
  12. Good effort. Don't forget to drink more water aswell; it's a distraction and, like the pressups, it helps distract you whenever you get a craving.
  13. Good a reason as any!

    Good luck mate. I'm a bit of a language geek myself (not Japanese though, unfortunately). I've always wanted to go there too, although the main draw for me is actually the food, or how they're so mental about getting things absolutely right and how it applies to the food. I went to an international school and there were plenty of Japs there - they all tell me that after studying at uni in the west, the best renditions of all the food they've ever had in the west they found in Japan.

    You'd probably be best off finding some penpals though as I think it is notoriously hard to get underneath the skin of that place without being fluent or semi fluent. Or join a dojo with links in Japan!
  14. I found it was no use trying to find alternatives to the cravings. For me the only way was to say" fcuk it I'm not doing it". Any way the very best of luck with it. And if you ever feel the need for any off forum support just drop me a pm.
  15. Why have you left it until you stop smoking to learn Japanese and start doing lots of press-ups? I just dont really get the connection!
  16. That's understandable for a Logs O candidate. :wink:

    Read through the above posts again a few times . :roll:
  17. My reason for the doing lots of pressups is because exercise, as I am sure you are aware, releases lots of what I like to call "feel good chemicals" into your body. If you have ever smoked you will be well aware that when you are craving a cigarette the only thing that makes it go away is the intake of nicotine into your body. By using exercise I hope to in some way soften the nasty feeling of a craving by flooding my brain with my home made "feel good chemicals". I know it is a completely different situation but in many aspects it is similar to treatment of a heroin user on a morphine based rehabilitation programme, the substituting of one substance for another, similar product. With nicotine being a stimulant it makes sense to replace it with the rush of adrenaline you experience when doing exercise. Also, it isn't that I have only just started doing lots of press-ups, I have being doing lots of press-ups for a long time, as it happens I am now doing more.

    My reasoning behind me starting to learn Japanese is to help me keep busy and take my mind off the fact that I have stopped smoking. There is no real reason as to why I haven't started to learn it before hand, but why not start now? It is as good a time as any and if it helps me distract myself from the lack of smoking then it serves a good purpose in my eyes. If you see my previous thread in here about Champix then you will see that I have stated that due to me being unemployed, between the job hunting, tri-weekly trips to the agencies, cycling around industrial estates and other general job searching adventures, I actually have a lot of spare time on my hands. Not having much to do and spending a lot of the day plodding around and trying to keep myself busy gives me a lot of time to think about smoking. The busier I am, in theory, the easier it should be for me to reduce my wanting to smoke.

    Re Hedgeporker: I recently joined a penpals site. I have found a guy who has studied English and is about to become an English teacher. He has offered to help me when I begin to learn the language. I have decided to invest in stickers for my keyboard too so that I have the Japanese symbols at hand without having to fork out for a new keyboard. Also, yes, the food is a massive reason for me wanting to visit. I could eat Japanese food all day long.

    Re Jonno: 8 pints a day minimum anway. I have never been one to underestimate the dangers of dehydration. Plus, I find it helps keep me full whenever I get a craving and I tell myself "no smokey smokey" as it always fights back with "well stuff me full of chocolates and cake fatboy" :p
  18. Fair enough. I'll get my coat! Good luck mate - not a smoker myself and never have been but hear it's not easy to quit so get down and give me 20!
  19. PS. BreathingOutOnTheWayUp - don't make me come over there! :D
  20. Day 3.

    I'm irritable. Generally I'm being a miserable fucker and everyone is a cunt. My being mardy is in no small part the fault of everybody other than me. I want to burn things.

    Still not smoked though.

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