The Final Straw!!!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by WarMonger, Feb 3, 2008.

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  1. With spiralling costs on the high street you would think that having more than one wife was an expensive hobby....not any more!!

    Benefits for Multiple Wives

    Is this not just the most disgusting scheme Labour have agreed to yet!

    If they wanted to increase the tension towards the muslim community here you have it, as surprise surprise yet again the major beneficiary of the scheme will be muslims especially men!!...the very same community that hide within them people that want to bomb us to oblivion!!

    Personally this country can now be officially designated as a toilet and laughing stock of the world....Australia here I come..!!!
  2. How can this possibly happen if bigamy is illegal? The lunatics really are in charge of the asylum :wtf:
  3. This Government just sinks lower & lower , :toilet: :pukel: :tp:
  4. WTF do you expect from those bunch of cnuts now in power? Don't just drip, vote against the [email protected] at every opportunity if you don't like it.

    It's clear that there are now two laws in this country. Islamic law for the Muslims, and European law for every other fcuker. UK law? You're having a Giraffe. It's not worth the paper it's written on (or not written on as the case may be).
  5. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Standby for shock, horror, 'Claimant had 3 fictitious wives', 'Wed one get three more in free' etc.

  6. Always vote against them , bunch of arses the lot of them .
  7. wife used to work for p.o. and this is nothing new, one guy had 4 wives and 12 kids, he recieved benefits for 1 wife and 15 dependants !,needless to say he was drawing more than me on shifts, dont want to just point the finger at muslims though, abuse of the system is widespread and part of the reason she took early retirement.
  8. I agree, neither do I wish to point the finger just at Muslims. The average Muslim man and woman must suffer the same frustrations as the rest of us, and I'll bet their religion probably prevents them from partaking in many of the things we take for granted. Bacon butty and a pint of beer anyone?

    However, I firmly believe that there should be one law in this country and that is UK law, and that any other laws whether from Europe or from any religious organisation should be secondary to our national law, though people should be free to follow other laws where they do not come into conflict with our national law.
  9. In the words of one of the members here, " You are having a giraffe!"

    I am only glad that I do not live in my own country anymre.

  10. Jimmy Green;

    You are going down a dangerous road here - one law (UK law) but others should be free to follow other laws as long as they do not conflict with ours.

    This is why these stupid laws are passed because people now believe that there SHOULD or CAN be different laws. The Law should - no must - be the same for all people irrespective of colour or creed.

    Do you really think that in, say, a Moslem country the same lattitude would be granted? In Saudi Arabia it is illegal to even have a Christian church!

    Yet Western people choose to live and work in these countries and abide by their laws. People going to the UK should do the same and the UK government should should not make/allow devisive laws/regulations that actually make an already difficult situation worse.

  11. Enoch will be turning in his grave.
    Successive goverments have made things worse..........all pandering to the PC prats.
    The sooner "a return to common sense" party comes about etc

    Meanwhile get rid of the current cnuts at every oppertunity.

    The law of this land should be held 1st and foremost as the law of this land.
  12. Basically, Labour are bricking themselves at the prospect of the next General Election. So, they have to do a bit of gerrymandering to ensure that they have enough votes.
    Your average thick white bloke will vote for whoever The Sun says. As Gordon is losing his support from Murdoch he can't rely on the Sun voters.
    A lot of bods have emigrated (me included in that - although I didn't get too far) so that whittles down one's prospective voting pool.
    So, who is left? Not too many from the original stock and taking into count the falling birth rates of Christians and the increasing counts from Hindu and Muslim religions (Google is your friend) you have to "Shift target right" and look at this fresh blood.
    Put in a load of policies that will appeal to them and hey presto, you have a chance of getting voted back in.

    All in one's honest opinion of course.
  13. I don't see how. If our national law is overiding and nobody is in breach of it, where is the problem? If someone decides to follow a religious obligation whose laws do not breach our national law, where is the problem? If someone's religious obligation DOES breach our national law, there is a problem and consequences in accordance with our laws should take place.

    This means that all those residing or visiting, even temporarily, in this country are subject to those laws. If someone has an additional obligation, so what? As long as I am not compelled to follow it and it DOES NOT breach our law I don't give a fying fluck.
  14. How the hell can you fight them in one country and then get in bed with them in another?
    This totally STINKS. Lets see our Scottish contributor talk his lover Broon out of this one.

    My god, they really are PUSHING me towards the BNP.
  15. The Koran prohibits a man taking more than one wife if he is unable to support her without recourse to charity (read: benefits). If the Torygraph's article is not a fabrication, then this position would seem rather anomalous given the government's refusal to recognise a lesbian marriage (as against a civil partnership) that took place in Canada on the grounds that it violated UK marital law. Of course the government have got themselves into this mess by falsely claiming that the European Convention of Human Rights meant they had to allow the Prince of Wales to marry Camilla, when it clearly allows nations to determine who may and may not marry according to domestic norms and law.

    In many Muslim countries a man can marry a child (eg Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan). Does this mean that the government would be prepared to accept this on faith grounds and that the British taxpayer will now have to bankroll paedophilia if it is claimed to be part of someone's deeply held religious beliefs? Child marriages and by implication child sex, are condoned by all the Abrahamic faiths. That should mean that it is condoned by the state. Likewise that state should not bankroll polygamy.

    Perhaps the Abrahamic co-religionists will again be allowed to own people for slavery if it is a deeply held belief (not that HMG were not warned about this interpretation).
  16. Now I seem to remeber it was the TRories who started the recognition of Muslim multiple wives many moons ago so this one may bounce back.

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