The Final Flight

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by trelawney126, Dec 15, 2010.

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  1. It's by the Daily Mail, but the photograhs are splendid. :wink:
    What a bloody sad day for the RN
  2. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Madness, a complete folly by complete idiots.

  3. I concur and nothing to replace it, the lunatics are still in charge of the asylum.
  4. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    It certainly becomes apparent how deep feelings are running when I find myself in complete agreement with Finks for once & former admirals feel sufficiently moved to publically contradict the (public) opinions of their successors regarding the supposed wisdom in culling the Harrier & endorsing the Tornado instead.
  5. I shed a tear
  6. It truely is the end of an era and the start of a very scary time for British defence.
  7. I have nothing more to say than the second dit of my signature
  8. Was the Eurofighter not meant to be capable of replacing the Tornado or have i missed something. Seems to me that the Harrier has been scraped to maintain a jet thats already been superseeded by its successor. If a government cant protect its people why does it exist? Ocean Guardian is drilling for oil that is meant to pay the deficit in the fawklands, yet when it strikes it, which it will, do we honestly think that Argentinians will say "right chaps, you land what you like at Stanley, then we will have a go - its only sporting". Very sad day indeed. Thoughts?
  9. RIP "Carbon Fibre Death Provider"
  10. You've missed something.

    What evolved into Typhoon was originally designed to replace RAF Jaguars, upgraded RAFG Phantom FGR2s (which were originally not being replaced by Tornado F3) and Tornado F3.

    The F-4 upgrade was subsequently cancelled and the aircraft retired in 1992.
    The Jag was retired early for cost reasons in 2008.
    The final F3s retire in Mar 11 and have been replaced by a much smaller number of Typhoon in UK and Falklands AD.

    Typhoon was never slated to replace the GR4.

  11. No doubt a cabal of fat, wheezy pacifists in the FC Office, Treasury and, possibly, MoD Centre, have already drafted some suitable compromise for the consideration of Johnny (or Joanna) Gaucho.

    What's the current odds on none of the Harriers being offered for overseas sale on sensible terms?
  12. Picture caption near the end of the Mail gallery states

    "Four GR9 Harriers, flying in formation over Britain. Nearest to the camera is a GR9 in the tail colours of 800 Navel Squadron, then 4 Squadron, 1 Squadron, the furthest GR9 is painted in the 1969 camouflage pattern

    Presumably this is to demonstrate that 800 "Navel" Squadron has now gone belly up (groaaan!)

    Some great pics though - saved a shedload of them to my wallpaper/screensaver - what a sad old git I am and I wasn't even a WAFU.
  13. Sad thing is I worked on all those Squadrons except the Jumper Tuckers!!! "800" :(

    Pm me with you e mail address and I will send you a few more :D (Sorry too big to add to the site, just tried)
  14. JFH - Done! VMT
  15. Should have them by now.

  16. "Two Harriers hover just 40 feet off the ground at RAF Cottesmore yesterday"

    Not with the nozzles at that angle they don't!
  17. Remember walking the Hadrians Wall walk few years back my irish sweetheart alongside. Along the wall came the Harrier later he returned told her to wave he waggled his wings she was over the moon never viewing anything like this in Ireland before.

    Somebody quoted the enemy is not in Afghanistan it is in Westminster.

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