The Fall.



Disappointed. I thought this was another thread about some post-punk new wave business.

I was looking forward to some insights into the life of Mark E Smith.
i player not work outside UK Cat ?.
Stirl, when you try to log onto any of these 'catch up' thingies on the interweb, as soon as the UK server sees that you are abroad, it tells you that you are not entitled! I think it is all down to the TV licence fee. So we have to watch it in real time (here in Spain) or record it to watch later.

Of course if you use a UK proxy server, then everything is OK...... allegedly!


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...I think it is all down to the TV licence fee...
You don't need a TV licence to view BBC iPlayer, in the UK or abroad. You only need to declare whether you have a licence if you are viewing 'live' TV broadcasts through iPlayer. The issue is due to your IP address, as the BBC is only permitted to broadcast to the UK. If their server detects you have an overseas IP address, it refuses broadcast.

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