The Falklands War

It may be a good idea if you made it clear that you are aware that there was only one Royal Navy involved as opposed to the Royal Navies that you seem to think got stuck in.

What with it being 'A' level and all that...

That just makes you look a bit stupid because that is the correct English. It is inferring the operations of the Royal Navy..... admittedly I should have put 'Royal Navy's' but oh well.

And thank for the recommendations everyone
So you admit your English was incorrect (spelling/ grammar) but Guzzler "looks a bit stupid" because he pointed out that your English was incorrect !!

When you've finished your "piece of work" why not publish it on here so that RR members can proof read it for you?
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War Hero
not a good Idea to publish it on here to many People on here with opinions and no experience best of luck with your project and im sure Falkland vets will appreciate your Interest to those who died


......I would like to include the feelings and experiences of the average sailor and marine for my project.......

Hello John,

Try also: "Above All, Courage." Personal stories from the Falklands War. ISBN-0-304-36257-3

Author: Max Arthur. First Published: 1985. Cassell: Military Paperbacks Edition 2002.

Having just re-read it, it contains several accounts of exactly what you are seeking.


PS John,

To counter some of the anti-Thatcher posts see the following quote (from a WO 2 at page 307):

"Thank Christ we had Maggie, because she proved that you can't hold this country to ransom."

While bearing in mind that it was Thatcher's actions that sent a signal to Galtieri that Britain wasn't interested in defending the Falklands.

Thatcher was incompetent and blundered into war with the Argentine. Carrington said it was a mistake to withdraw the endurance, that it would send the wrong signals to Argentina but she backed Knott with his cost cutting and it was Carrington who was sacked. Who was right?
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You were very nearly right there:

.................Carrington said it was a mistake to withdraw HMS Endurance...........



You were very nearly right there:


Oh dear! Oops! <I can't believe I did that>:slow:
That Carrington bod was always living in the past.:shaking:
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