The Falklands War Then & Now

For those of you unfamiliar with the UK publishers After The Battle (who release a quarterly magazine under that title), this book is their first (and so far only) Then & Now book dated for a military conflict in the post-WW 2 era.
I have all their WW-2 related Then & Now books and this is up there as being one of their best and while in the past all the T & N books used B & W photos for both the 'Then' images and the 'Now' this publication uses colour images and is just as good for it. It is a large sized and heavy book and covers all aspects of the war from the Argentine invasion, life under occupation, the British build-up and onwards and covers all the battles, all the services and personnel. The book is crammed full of Then & Now images including the aircraft crash sites, battlefields, damaged & sinking ships and everything in between. Along with the images is a narrative of the conflict as told in the words of many of those who were there, some of which run for 4 pages or more and include plenty of Royal Navy personnel from Admiral down to Able.
There will be plenty of photos that I am sure many members here have never seen before and includes combat images taken from the ships and Argentine gun camera footage from the aircraft.
The final chapter is a Roll Of Honour for those killed on both sides and features images of numerous memorials and gravestones.

I really do highly recommend this tome of 624 pages and doubt many will be disappointed in it. The publishers sell it for £47.95...

...but Amazon currently have some priced for around £29 in the New & Used section...
The Falklands War Then and Now: Gordon Ramsey: Books
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