The Falklands' air link: threat to RAF Mt Pleasant


War Hero
I do think people are overlooking one important thing here. Were Argentina stupid enough to ready herself for an invasion (and with 24 hour satellite coverage of her ports and airfields, the build up would be pretty obvious) and then put a task group to sea they would be quickly dealt with. Any airborne invasion would be seriously up against it with four Typhoons and a fair amount of Rapier. And more importantly, speak to Argentine citizens ... they have no stomach for conflict. Many of those I spoke with in my time there were ambivalent regarding the Islands, and blamed the ongoing conflict on bellicose politicians (like Sra Kirschner) just opportunistically tuning into attavistic Argentine nationalism. Sure, you'll see the right wingers beating the drum, but they are no match for us. Their equipment is dire - I stood beneath an Argentine frigate in one of their drydocks in 2006 and was stunned by the sheer neglect they show their ships. They have no money, their dockyards resemble our very own in the 1970s (shabby, overblown with unionised 'might') and they have no navy to speak of.

I realise underestimation of a potential foe is the pathway to failure, but my cash is firmly on us. The humiliation to Argentina again would be massive and despitereluctant contribution of other SOuth American nations to the embargoes, Argentina would emerge hugely isolated.


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