The Fairground


War Hero
Come gather round lads and here my tale,
A tale of pain and woe,
and a visit to the fair ground,
And why you should not go.

Twas a frosty night in Pompey,
and a blank week, which is worse,
and my trip to Billy Manning's,
and the start of rum-rats curse.

Now a little tart named Tina,
caused me all my pain,
she wounded me on the wild mouse,
I have nightmares now and again.

We'd had a tot or two I know,
and was feeling free an fruity,
so I thought I'd try and slip her one,
I felt it was my duty.

Alas a car on the wild mouse,
is not a place to shag,
so I asked the gal to be a pal,
and suck upon my bag.

Now as she was a virginial type,
but sensitive to my need,
She said you're in luck I'll give you a suck,
but you better not shoot your seed.

She didn't mean don't come at all,
but coming from the south,
there a better class, so this bonny lass,
Said shoot but not in my mouth.

I of course agreed but in my need,
I hadn't heard what she said,
It was be careful mush don't fuckin push,
the whole length in my head.

So off we goes and do you suppose,
I was watchin where we're going,
there was a dead stop right up at the top,
and it was this I was not knowing

We hit the corner the brakes come on,
and forwards I went flying,
My cock went in to my belly's skin,
and she gagged like she was dying.

The car spun right as her jaw went tight,
and I tell you I'd be lyin,
Cus as she bit oh fuckin shit,
I was nigh on fuckin cryin.

Then the car it started its decent,
as she bit down on my knob,
And as the weight came on her face,
I slid further into her gob.

Oh Jesus Christ it was really tight,
as we braked and my prick was forced in,
then the brakes were off, G force was gone,
and she was hanging on my foreskin.

As the car trundle forwards to the deck,
She gripped through the descending,
And the only thought that was in my brain,
was the pain was never ending.

Then again another brake,
and in I pushed again,
The movement stopped the crush of teeth,
And eased the fuckin pain.

So pushed in deep, and with no pain,
the pleasure returned my need,
And warm and wet there was trouble yet,
as I dropped my load of seed.

Fuckin hell as my balls did swell,
and the pumping had died down,
She open her gob then bit down on my knob,
and her face went into a frown.

She was well upset and the rotten get,
did things I will always remember,
And even today I can honestly say,
She near bit off my member.

It was only luck that I can still ****,
she tried to rip off my pecker,
It is no shite that girl could bite,
I had to fuckin deck her.

Now I've never hit a woman before,
but I really had to stop her,
It's not much fun when you're on a run,
And you have no fuckin chopper.

So Jack beware if your at the fair,
A blowjob might be sound,
take my advice,.. though it may sound nice,
wait till you're back on the fuckin ground.


War Hero
Is Billy Manning's still there and is it still Shite

I don't know mate.
I only ever went on it once and the poem is more or less true to what happened.
Give a tad or two.
It was however opposite the Pavilion which was my favorite fanny gaff.