The Execution of Saddam Hussein Al-Tikriti

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Bergen, Dec 30, 2006.

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  1. If anyone wonders at why the USA is in such a rush to hang Saddam, consider this; he must die before sunset today or his death must be delayed until after the Eid religious holiday because executions are banned during Eid.

    The USA cannot risk this because they are trying to prevent him appearing in court on 8th January 2007 to answer charges of genocide against the Kurds. If he ever did appear in court on these charges he would blow the lid off US involvement in the supply of chemical and biological weapons to his regime. Implicated in this would be Bush senior, Cheney and Rumsfled. Not only did the USA turn a blind-eye to Saddam's use of WMD against the Kurds and Iranians but they assisted in the development of the weapons and the delivery systems and also supplied satellite targeting information.

    Saddam must die.

  2. Saddam Exectued

    Reports have just been made on News 24 that Saddam Hussein was exectued at 0600 local time.

    Plus its just been confirmed by iraq's foreign minister!
  3. Re: Saddam Exectued

    Have they auctioned his kit off yet?

    Bagsy his beret!
  4. Re: Saddam Exectued

    Oh Tattoo Dog! I'm so glad I joined this forum. "Have they auctioned his kit off yet. Bagsy his beret." Priceless.
  5. OK 4 hours in and I've already heard 2 accounts - Sky news download says he was tied up and carried radio4 just this minute said he 'shuffled'. BBC refused (it said) to show the film up to the last moment - well it was 8am kiddies migth be watching after all. I wonder what will happen next ??? Perhaps someone will claim it didn't really happen after all? Or will it be left to Al-Jazeera to show the film and doubtless be excoriated for doing so ???
  6. Re: Saddam Exectued

    The Iraqi information minister was just quoted as saying that he has not been hanged and is in fact alive and well and having tea and stickies with George Bush in Washington. So there you have it. It's obviously not true.
  7. Re: Saddam Exectued

    Or Maybe Not.......
  8. Good post mate

    There is always a hidden agenda and I have to admit I was curious as to why there was such a rush job to slot him.

    So its ENDEX for Sadman and his kit is being auctioned on ebay (your a legend tattoo dog :D ) Lets just hope that the increase in attacks over the next few weeks, doesnt take any more British lives.

    Stay safe lads & lasses.

  9. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    He certainly faced his death with courage if the TV footage of the hangmen preparing him for execution are anything to go by. I was hoping he'd be begging for mercy and I suspect I'm not the only one.
  10. I knew he wouldn't, madman maybe, but a strong man with an Iron will. I am not a fan of his, but I think he went out with dignity (as much as one can when being hanged). I would have liked that scumbag son of his to have had the same fate.
  11. He got what any man like him deserves.
  12. I have to say, that although I believe that Saddam deserved to die, I can't help feeling that it's all a bit hollow, victor's justice and all that. It would have left a better taste in everyone's mouth, especially the Arab world, had his own people deposed him and even had he faced the same type of quick Kangaroo court meted out to Ceaucescu (SP!). Now before the incoming starts, I know that was never really going to happen because of the iron grip he had on his people. So, what happened was the next best thing. As abhorent as the death penalty is to many of us, many Iraqis don't view it that way, and will see it as the rightful end to the story. Tragically, I fear that the story won't end here. I'm not sure he'll be seen as a martyr, he should have died fighting when he was lifted, if he wanted that accolade, but I fear that his death, whilst perhaps closing one chapter of Iraq's history, leaves a ragged end to others.
    As for the footage, I agree, he did go to his death bravely, but without seeing him take the long drop, I'm not sure how many Iraqis will buy this. Iraqis love conspiracy theories and I'm sure that there will be a few to spin out of the fact that we didn't see him hang.
  13. Ineresting is`nt it? Bliar totally against the death penalty, Yet to kill thousands of innocent Civilians is OK, pity Bliar and Bush cant be charged with the same crimes.
  14. Saddam faced the noose with a quiet dignity that has surprised many of the talking heads here in the USA. He has sent a powerful message to the Arab street and by facing his death in this way he stole the last scene from this US scripted production.

  15. How interesting the 'king of spin' leaves it to a women to make a statement on the govt's behalf. How convenient he's also on a freebie hol in the country that's unlikely to hassle him for a statement either!
  16. What is really interesting is that in the 2 year run-up to the invasion of Iraq the only person who told the truth was Saddam Hussein. He consistantly maintained that Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction and that UN Weapons Inspectors had supervised the destruction of what few had remained after GW1.

    The liars have been proven to be Bliar and Bush and John Scarlett head of MI6 and Chairman of the Joint Intelligence Committee.

    Stumblebum George is sitting on his ranch in Texas.

    Phoney Tony is on another freebie holiday to Florida

    Scarlett is knighted for his services to the realm and presumably finds no irony in the fact that he has received a knighthood for causing so much death and destruction.

    Meanwhile in a narrow, grimey room in Bagdad Mr. Hussein has the last laugh.

  17. Next Please,step right up!
  18. There are a few masters of death and destruction that should be rotting in a cell. Instead they are on holiday or plotting the next change of govt for a sovereign state that does not jump for the pupeteer.

    Only problem is the scumbags sit back while others die for their mistakes.
  19. What's Juan Carlos de Borbon got to do with all this??? :lol:

    I'll get me coat :oops:
  20. So he looked cool, calm and calculated did he? Must have been watching the wrong movie! Looked more like he didn't give a sh**, wasn't there mentally, as in 'blocked' 'stoned' 'out of his tree' or just 'Did not believe it!' so was he drugged to prevent a struggle, any nasty comments or what?

    If he's as assured as everybody said surely he'd be stiring it up a bit before the event to get the maximum send off!

    don't suppose we'll ever find out, he ain't saying anyway! and the body has been disposed of by now!

    (and just who did get his 'hat' anyway???)

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