The Eurovision/BBC Bung

Discussion in 'Films, Music, TV & All Things Artsy' started by trelawney126, May 14, 2011.

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  1. Another reason why this awful excuse for a competition should be got rid of. There's no fairness in any of the judging and some of the entries are mind cringingly terrible. The fact that those two twats Jedward got through to the final, shows how bad it is. Is this what we pay licence money for, and then, watch it on a Sky box and pay more money for the privilege. I have never watched it and never will. Where's my old copies the The Old Grey Whistle Test.
  2. I dunno £283,000 for nine hours of broadcasting seems cheap…but the best stroke is..with Jedward and G Norton representing us…both about as English as a shallaleigh …. we can’t lose……even if we do..
  3. Jedward are representing Ireland and G.Norton is presenting not representing hmmm not sure how what you wrote works :s
  4. right tommo ...I read it wrong ...But it doesn't matter...nowadays they don't vote for the song ...they vote for their friends...
  5. So how come you know all about it da da dah
  6. That I agree with
  7. Because I read the article. Keep up to date with current affairs etc. While we're at it I didn't realise till I read the Sun in the barbers today that the Royal Marines Corps of Drums in the guise of Highwaymen were on Britain's Got Talent, and no I haven't watched it.
  8. I think you are missing the entire point of Eurovision.

    It's meant to be shit. And because of that, it's ******* mint.

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