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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by come_the_day, Nov 20, 2007.

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  1. British ex pats in France to be denied healthcare over 50 yrs of age and the "immoral" return of 63% of the British North Sea fishing catch - dead - to the sea. Will we see the same conditions applied to fellow EU citizens in UK? I doubt it! Whose fault is this waste of food? Well it's obviously not the EU, is it?

    Get us out of this club, please!
  2. I never know why anyone is ever surprised that every other member state of Europe adheres to the rules when it suits and completely ignores them when it does not. On the UK plays the game because, after all, it wouldn't be cricket to do otherwise now would it?

  3. Don't even start me on this one:
    I could write a very long list of EU rules that the UK does not keep to, or does not 'play the game' with.
    Some of the ones it misses out on are a pity, they could do the country and its' people (more important than political expediency) a bit of good.
  4. Ok Sussex, you've got a bite! Give us some of yer list. But I'll read it in the morning as I am off to bed.

    Semper Strenuissima.
  5. Cebollas matey, it is a long list, probably more than this site can cope with. Longer in fact than a three badge killicks arm!
    It is a dreaded fact of life I daily do battle with, the complex UK regs, not the killicks arm!
    A list? Well here goes for a very short starter:
    Things which could well be adopted in the UK!
    1. Trains running more than 15 minutes late, then a complete refund of the fare paid. At present here in the suburbs of Barcelona two suburban lines are completely free on account of this, and, a complete cock up on the part of the company constructing the new high speed line. Something for which the Prime Minister has take personal (remember that) responsibility.
    2. You may NOT use a mobile phone nor a 'blue tooth' device anywhere near a road, plus, any TomTom type device must be angled away from the driver (accounts for the slouched position favoured by Spanish drivers).
    3. Your dog must have a seat belt (true, absolutely true, though rarely adopted).
    No we do not have straight bananas, in fact we have very tasty ones with pips in, from the Canarias.
    The Spanish in fact have pints, yep, they invented the word, and it still means a big beer.
    As for how it effects business then I could go on ad infinitum.
    Thanks for taking the bait and when the size of this forum permits I'll go into the rest.
    I hope you slept well and best wishes.
  6. Sussex, would you use a bank that for the past four or five years failed it's audit? Would you be impressed with a "board of governors" who fail to act on the auditors report? I think not.
    For most of us over here, it is not what was voted for initially.
  7. Well, actually, we weren't allowed a vote "initially". They graciously allowed us to vote on whether we stayed in after they had already put us there. Very clever. People would rather vote against change so coming out would then seem like change.
  8. No mate I wouldn't, but, to my mind I'd go for anything that stops european countries fighting over turf like a bunch of spoiled children.
    Surely, we have had enough of that.
    Also, and despite, the difficulties posed by the UK, it is actually a very good place to do business in.
    You'll notice that my post is a tad tongue in cheek. The EU much as any other family gets along by fits and starts, and has as yet hardly reached puberty.
  9. I like that compensation package - for commuters that would mean most of us get a free annual season ticket! :)

    The bit you missed out which I'm all for, is the fundamental freedoms package and abolition of our blasphemy laws. It may happen however if Christian Voice are given permission to go ahead with their private prosecution of the BBC's DG, Mark Thompson, for blasphemous libel for televising Jerry Springer: The Opera. I for one want to the case to be allowed and for the BBC to then request a hearing in the High Court challenging the legality under the right to free speech. After all, if it's legitimate to continue criminalising free speech critical of deities (the oldest PC legislation in out history, for the record) it is OK criminalising religious speech that offends others.

    End of rant.
  10. I could not agree with you more.
    How a modern european state can let the priests have so much influence saddens me at times.
    All the best.
  11. Sussex, thanks for the Spanish lesson. When working in Gib I was known as "El Zorro Platiado", amongst other titles, con..... for example.

    I did sleep rather well, maybe it was the copious amounts of Port that helped!

    Semper Strenuissima.
  12. No worries mate, I get called that most days; really should think about moving to a better part of town!
  13. Sussex, I wish the UK would adopt Spanish measures for brandy. Their small is equivalent for several British doubles! Pity you're not nearer Murcia next February, or I could buy you a wet when lapping up the sun in Mazarron.
  14. Well if I am ever near there I will get in touch matey, and likewise yourself should you venture into the northern provinces. Or, totally separate countries as the locals seem to prefer (I'll say no more).
    Most summers see me firmly planted in Catalunya. Here, like further south, they have absolutely no idea how to pour a reasonable measure.
    If you can get hold of it try 'Mascaro' brandy, lighter and less sugared than many others. It's from Penedes and the same company do really good Cavas' and Marc, damn good wines too.
    It really is tough living in a country where people have no respect for EU rules and continue to simply pour drinks as they wish. Often, against everyones better judgement, leaving the bottle with you and totting up at the end, plus and disgracefully providing you with sundry bits of food into the bargain; disgusting sausage, horrid anchovies etc..
    This outrageousl practice really should have a stop put to it, especially on Sunday when people seem to have nothing better to do than walk about and eat and drink, utter nonsense.
    ps Will you be there for carnaval, remember it is early this year starting at the end of Jan.

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